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Nordic PIAAC Report – Key Information–Processing Skills Among Adults in the Nordic Region

This report presents comparative results from PIAAC for Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The five countries are labeled Nordic countries in this report. Iceland is not included because Iceland did not participate in PIAAC.

OECD published international PIAAC survey results in October 2013. PIAAC (Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies) is an OECD project, which has covered 24 countries to date. The international OECD report is the most comprehensive study of adult skills ever undertaken.

PIAAC is an OECD investigation of key information-processing skills in literacy (reading skills), numeracy (mathematical skills) and skills in problem-solving in technology-rich environments among populations aged 16–65 years in 24 countries. Representative samples in the countries were tested in 2011–2012. For most respondents, the testing took place in their homes on an interviewer’s computer.

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ISBN 978‐92‐893‐4147‐9 (PDF)
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Torben Fridberg, Anders Rosdahl (DEN), Vivika Halapuu, Aune Valk (EST), Antero Malin, Raija Hämäläinen (FIN), Anders Fremming Anderssen, Birgit Bjørkeng, Hanne Størset, Jonas Sønnesyn (NOR), Ann‐Charlott Larsson, Patrik Lind, Erik Mellander (SWE)
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Estudios e informes
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