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Acli Firenze


Acli Provinciali di Firenze is an association of the community sector (voluntary, no-profit and social enterprise). Acli Florence supports italians and foreign citiziens, that usually are old people, unemployed and marginality's risk people. Acli provides services to everybody without race and social distinctions, in particular it offers:

• House problem support

• Support in filling out forms, in order to obtain contributions and services about school, house, registry services and income support.

• Job search (drafting of c.v. and on-line search of job; this service is mostly required by foreigns people and people without digital skills)

• Psichological support

• Economic Support (trough a Neighborhood net, families with economic problems can recive an help for house bills)

• Weekly distributions of food package (trough a neighborhood net, people can recive food stocks every week)

• Legal and fiscal support (volunteer lawyers collaborate on request with Acli).

Acli is a vital and effective factor of cohesion and social development; education is the best way to understand the present and prepare to the future, while services are integrated response to the needs and people's citizenship rights. The staff is composed by a psychologist and an office manager, as well as some young volunteers of Servizio Cvile Nazionale (social voluntary); further the voluntary lawyers who work on request. Acli has previous experience in partecipation in EU funded projects, and has well established network of cooperation in the area of adult education.

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Adult education provider

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