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CMA - URMA Pays de la Loire


The CMA Pays de la Loire manages the Regional University of Skilled Crafts in Pays de la Loire region (URMA), which brings together vocational training (VET) centres in each departement in a wide variety of sectors.

The leading network for initial vocational training in the Pays de la Loire Region!

URMA is a network made up of 5 Training Centres (6 sites in Maine et Loire, Sarthe, Mayenne, Vendée and Loire Atlantique) managed by the CMA of Pays de la Loire. Apprenticeship or professionalisation, this is a path of excellence providing jobs and future prospects !

URMA helps to ensure professional integration through lifelong learning. It offers training courses leading to qualifications and technical modules to enable employees and job seekers to reorient, retrain and enter the skilled crafts sector.


International Mobility within the URMAs

The Pays de la Loire Chamber of Skilled Crafts is a key player in the field of craftsmanship and international mobility. It has enabled almost 4,000 people to carry out international mobility projects for over 10 years.

The Pays de la Loire Chamber of Skilled Crafts works to develop mobility and international cooperation projects as a means of qualifying learners, staff, organisations and territories. The objective is to increase the quantity, diversity but also the quality of cooperation projects and European and international mobility in order to contribute to the strengthening of skills and pathways to facilitate professional integration.

  • Different schemes for learners and staff
  • For apprentices: thanks to international mobility, they can add international experience to their career path to acquire new skills and find a job more easily.

The Pays de la Loire URMA offers several opportunities to discover the world and learn elsewhere :

    • Exploration mobility in group for 1 week
    • Erasmus+ short 15-day Erasmus+ internships in group in a company in Europe.
    • Erasmus+ Long-Term individual Internships in Europe for young graduates
    • Mobility outside Europe
  • For trainers / teachers or  staff within the URMA Pays de la Loire, they can share their skills and/or discover new practices in their sector abroad to strengthen their professional career path thanks to one of the following types of mobility:
    • Short mobility of Erasmus + staff
    • Staff mobility outside Europe
  • For apprentices or staff from a vocational training centre abroad, they can come and share and acquire knowledge and skills within one of the Pays de la Loire URMAs and/or a company in the region through one of these mobility schemes:
    • Hosting a short or long Erasmus + course for European apprentices
    • Hosting staff from European training centres in the framework of Erasmus+ mobility
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