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The National Skills Strategy 2025

The National Skills Strategy 2025 aims to underpin Ireland's growth as an economy and as a society over the coming years. Through the vision, actions and targets set out, the Strategy support development of a well-educated, well-skilled and adaptable labour force, creating and sustaining a strong pool of talented people of all ages living in Ireland. The Strategy builds on the progress made since the last skills strategy, Towards Tomorrow’s Skills, which was published in 2007 and sets new indicators of progress for the period to 2025.

Ireland's education and training system will deliver more flexible, innovative and interdisciplinary skills provision Returns on public investment in education and training will be maximised through more active employer engagement, clear prioritisation of initiatives based on available resources and their regular evaluation for impact and efficiency.

Realisation of this vision will involve learners, employers and educators, as well as relevant State Departments and agencies. Progress towards it will involve systematic evaluation of learner outcomes and the active participation of all. Employers cannot source more relevant skills without responsive education and training providers nor without students pursuing the right education and training courses. Conversely, students cannot learn relevant skills without employers engaging in the skills agenda. For example, companies frequently express their need for experienced graduates. In order to deliver this, opportunities for students to gain practical experience must be more widely available. Improved channels for ongoing stakeholder dialogue and resultant action will be provided in the regions by the new Regional Skills Fora. These fora will be supported at national level by more streamlined mechanisms that will translate intelligence on skills needs into actions prioritised on the basis of likely impact and available resources through the new National Skills Council.


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