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GeNeus - Guide on Implementation of Selection Tools and test

The objective of this Guide is to provide support on the implementation of gender-neutral tools and tests for recruitment process, ensuring its adequate utilization and guaranteeing a relevant and smooth implementation across the three target groups of the project: SMEs, Public Administration and Post-Secondary Professional Education Institutes. With the complementation guaranteed between the Toolbox included in the annexes and this Guide, organisations will be capable of identifying the candidates most likely to perform well on the job without gender bias.

These tools were developed in the framework of the project GeNeus, co-funded by E+ - KA2:Strategic Partnership| VET (

Moreover, the current Guide contains information on how to integrate this toolbox in the selection and evaluation processes, the target groups that can be accessed, its relevance, who may conduct these tools and tests as well as how to properly implement each one of the resources. Besides this, it also presents the basis of this project, namely, a summary of the first result of GeNeus project: Generic Report on Gender Neutral Testing’s, which compiles national information on testing systems in use and each country (namely, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria) gender specificities in the labour market and professional education evaluation and selection processes.

Finally, the Guide includes also the results of the pilot test carried out with stakeholders to assess and validate the GeNeus Tools.

The GeNeus Tools introduced in these guide are the following:

  • Job Analysis Template
  • General Competencies for Employment Questionnaire
  • Analysis Exercise – Problem Solving: Office Party; Store Situation; Office Situation 
  • Competency-Based Job Interview Script
  • Evaluation Checklist of the Applicant

For further information, please, check the project website: 

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