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Learn English


Winter at home with Langademy,

summer language exchange abroad.

Do you want to learn English, but are unable to do a language exchange? Let us help you!

Doing a language exchange abroad is the most recommended way to learn English; however, it is not always possible. Whether this is due to a lack of time or money, doing a language exchange becomes seemingly impossible for many.

Do not worry! There is a wide range of possibilities to take advantage of your time and, for example, exercise or work while learning English. Here are the best options for you.


Why learn English?


1.    Better job opportunities

This is often the main reason people do language exchanges. They think about their future and the possibility of obtaining a title that opens future doors. Learning a second language will also facilitate both promotions in your work, as well as salary increases.

2.    Better education opportunities

Currently, studying a career is not enough. It is increasingly common to complement or expand your knowledge with a master or postgraduate. Today, both small and large business schools require minimum levels of a language as a requirement to enter many of their programs.

3.    More information at your fingertips

No importa a qué te dediques o a qué quieras dedicarte, gracias a internet tenemos toda la información que necesitamos a nuestro alcance, pero la mayoría y más completa información sobre tu rama está inglés. Es muy frustrante intentar profundizar en un tema y ser incapaz por no poder traducir lo que has encontrado. Esto será clave tanto en el trabajo, como en tu vida diaria.

4.    Better vacations!

This option does not come to mind to many; however, learning English will ensure that you enjoy trips much more. In many parts of the world, tourist spots have their indications or explanations in English, as well as their guides. Even the local people tend to have at least some English knowledge. In addition, you will be more open to the possibility of doing language exchanges or using some of the resources that we will show you below, as these resources are often not used for fear of English, a fear you will lose.

Learn with Langademy

As we know, time is scarce and has great value. With Langademy, you get a free language exchange by helping another person. This is simply done by speaking in Spanish. Depending on how long you converse for, you can also use this same time to speak with a native speaker in the language you want to learn. All of this comes at no cost and is easily adaptable to your free time. The best part is being able to do all of this within the comforts of your own home!

Currently, we have a community of more than 70 different nationalities and almost any language you could be interested in learning. In the language exchanges section you can learn more on how to conduct your own language exchange.


Other options to learn English

If you want to complement what you have learned with native speakers from Langademy and take advantage of your free time, we have the following options that give great flexibility and adapt to your daily schedule:

·         Hear English: You may already be aware of this, but there are lots of podcasts on the internet that you can download for free and include in your playlist. This way you can listen to English while simultaneously doing another activity. This is an entertaining way to learn English that costs neither time nor money!

·         Read: It is important to read to become acquainted with vocabulary and you can easily adjust it to your availability. Whether it be 10 minutes a day or 1 hour, reading each day will help you a lot. You can find books at any level. We recommend you have a notebook where you write down all the vocabulary you do not know to go over it and remember moving forward.

·         Internet: There are lots of websites that provide you with multiple options. Most offer basic material and, to access the advanced, a subscription is often paid.


The next step

By being constant with the previously stated ways to learn English, you will obtain an average proficiency with enough vocabulary and typical expressions to lose the fear of the English that limits us so much. The next step? To achieve advanced mastery, we will have to practice English some more. What better way to achieve this than by doing a language exchange and practicing while living with native speakers?

The problem is that the cost of this type of experience is usually very high and the option to take a course in another country for several weeks is not available to many people. Many times, these experiences do not carry an immersion, neither in language nor in culture, because the student usually spends most of his time with other students and not so much with natives or with the host family.

This is precisely the problem solved by another company we have recently discovered. We love their model to organize your language exchanges, in English or any other language, abroad. We present you MyHOSTpitality.

MyHOSTpitality facilitates language learning through language immersion experiences, living with natives 24 hours a day. Do you want to know how they do it? Their collaborative model (Peer to Peer) allows members of their community to organize these language exchange experiences or language stays. You can be part of the community in three ways:


-      Exchange: In this case, the exchange person will visit the house of his exchange partner, will live with him and / or his family and then that person will go to the first person's house. The order of who travels is agreed upon by the two members. You can also agree whether to do it concurrently or no

Learn more about how to organize your exchange.

-      Host: This person offers accommodation to the guest, in exchange for the guest teaching their native language to the host for at least 2 hours a day.

Learn more about learning English without leaving your house.

-      Guest: Get free accommodation and a real immersion in the country you visit to live with the host. In return, you must speak and teach your native language to your host.

Learn more about being a good guest.



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