Comunidades de práctica

Comunidades de práctica

Las comunidades de práctica son grupos virtuales donde pueden reunirse personas del sector del aprendizaje de adultos que compartan intereses. Únase a una comunidad y podrá entrar en contacto con miembros de EPALE de toda Europa con intereses similares e intercambiar ideas, recursos y buenas prácticas.


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Nom de la communauté EDUCATION A LA CULTURE DE LA PAIXObjectif du groupe Réfléchir, partager des pratiques, contribuer à l'amélioration ou aux changements de comportements quand ceux-ci sont porteurs

Innovative solutions to respond to firefighters’ training needs

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Purpose of groupThe purpose of this group is to share opinions, ideas and good practices on innovative solutions to respond to firefighters’ training needs. Target audienceBodies providing guidance

CLIPS - assisting new communities to grow

10 members
Purpose of group To connect all trainers and facilitators in CLIPS Target audience Adult learning providers Theme addressed Learning Environments

Mikroklimatas darbe

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Grupės tikslas Atskleisti kokie veiksniai įtakoją gerą mikroklimatą darbovietėje. Išsiaiškinti kas skatina palankų mikroklimatą ir kokie veiksniai vertinami kaip kliuviniai palankiam mikroklimatui

Społeczność opiekunów młodzieży podczas zagranicznych praktyk zawodowych.

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Nazwa społeczności Społeczność opiekunów młodzieży podczas zagranicznych praktyk zawodowych. Cel grupy Wymiana doświadczeń i dobrych praktyk. Przygotowanie kulturowe. Odbiorcy docelowi Podmioty

Integration Pathway for New Adult Migrants and Refugees.

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Name of community Integration Pathway for New Adult Migrants and Refugees. Purpose of group Adult educators can play a strategic role in non-formal educational paths for different targets, in


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Nome della community MEDIA EDUCATION Obiettivi del gruppo Condividere le best practice delle Scuole Europee nell'apprendimento della Media Education Destinatari Professionisti nel settore dei mezzi di

New technologies in lecturer's work

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Purpose of the groupMembers of the group are going to exchange experience from new technologies whithin leading of courses.Particular topics are for example:(1) A touchscreen in a course(2) ipad and

Digital Immigrants

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This Community is to discuss and share innovation in the field of adult education and digital immigrants.

Organic Farming and Healthy Eating

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Purpose of group It is aimed to develop innovative practices and village life for the development of organic agriculture in rural areas and the development of rural areas Target audience Adult

Digital challenges and opportunities for Community Adult Educators

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Purpose of groupWhile an increased shift to online learning provision has been anticipated for some time, no-one was prepared for the suddenness with which this has had to be accommodated due to Covid

Rede Valorizar

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Purpose of groupPT - O propósito deste grupo, visa partilhar as nossas boas práticas na área da Educação/Formação de Adultos, em especial na Região Autónoma dos Açores.EN - The purpose of this group