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Antoine Amiel .

Antoine Amiel: not to digitise on principle

Education is a lever of soft power: education conveys a vision of society and values. It is a diplomatic instrument.
A European approach also responds to issues of digital sovereignty, freedom of thought, autonomy, and the promotion of European academic actors.


EPALE Slovakia in 2022!

For NSS EPALE Slovakia, the year 2021 was extremely successful, despite the adverse circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anna Militsi.

Anna Militsi: decolonise education!

To actively decolonise education means to create the space for inclusive and affirmatively anti-oppressive education.
This is the kind of trainer that I aspire to become: empathetic, inclusive, actively anti-racist and anti-sexist.

EPALE mobile app is now available!.

EPALE mobile app is now available!

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