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EPALE - Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe

EU project manager or partner

Adult education provider looking for partners

We are an organization providing education (language courses) to adults. Please drop us a line if you are interested and would like to discuss all different possibilities we may have for a future cooperation. 

Kocaeli Kültürel Gelişim ve Dayanışma Derneği (KOGED)

KOGED is a non-profit, non-governmental NGO founded in 2009 by a group of dedicated educators who wanted to to contribute to the cultural and social development of the community and personal development of individuals and to address social challenges such as violence against women, school drop outs, youth entrepreneurship and migration challenges in the Kocaeli region. KOGED has wide experience in developing, implementing and disseminating national& international projects funded by several donors such as the EU and the UN. Within the scope of these projects, the organisation has implemented several non-formal training activities and organised awareness-raising events&campaigns to raise the community’s awareness of important social issues. It has also secured a a wide network of local/regional/international contacts including CSOs, schools, local municipalities , public institutions and Kocaeli University through collaboration in many projects. This is expected to facilitate the proper dissemination of the proposed project. Among the issues KOGED has addressed are equity, gender equality, women’s rights, volunteerism, vocational guidance , linguistic& IT skills training, youth entrepreneurship,social entrepreneurship , food wastage, migrants and the professional development of migrant-related educators. KOGED also offers support and mentorship to other NGOs about project development and management. Currently, Kocaeli has been hosting about 49 .726 registered Syrian IDPs under temporary protection(General Directorate of Migration Management, 2018). We believe that they are the responsibility of all organisations, not only those with a specialised focus on migrants and /or refugees. Since the majority of the KOGED staff are educators, they firmly maintain the view that young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds should have access to the services and programs, education being the first and foremost, that all young people do. In addition, the local community’s awareness of the refugees’ plight should be increased and their engagement secured to ease social tensions and create greater acceptance of asylum seekers . Hence, KOGED is engaged in awareness-raising activities to highlight the social challenges faced by the Syrian and other nationality migrants living under temporary protection in the area. We organize events to promote awareness on the importance of the engagement of NGOs, especially youth organisations/ initiatives and volunteers, to produce practical solutions to the problems refugees are faced with and change the mindset of the mainstream public.

Last minute call for participants at the Social Hackathon Umbria 2019

Dear all,

the Social Hackathon Umbria 2019 is approaching and we are looking forward to meet all the solution givers, the hackers and the environmental experts who will be working together at the co-development of six fantastic projects!

We still have the possibility to host 12 participants (with FULL COVERAGE of travel and subsistence costs!!!) who want to join us and live an amazing experience in Italy from the 1st to the 7th of July.


Target audience

The course is addressed to adult education trainers and teachers, e-facilitators, project managers, researchers and all actors (digital competence centers, SMEs, NGOs, VET providers, universities, public entities etc.) interested in applying for Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships project funding to improve the educational experience and digital skills of adult learners.

Exchange of road cycling coaches and volunteers

Dear all,

we are currently setting up a consortium to apply for the next call for proposal: exchanges and mobility in sport (EAC/S23/2019).

We are looking for road cycling clubs from all over the world who are interested in participating in exchange and international training activities.

If you are interested, get in contact before the 28th of June 2019 at

Best regards

Adult Education Centre Looking for a Partner in KA204 Erasmus+

Hi there! We are a Spanish Adult Education Centre currently teaching Primary, Secondary and Vocational Training (gardening) in a multicultural neighbourhood in the centre of Madrid (Entrevías). We are looking for partners to enroll the Erasmus+ programe, more specifically KA204 programe. We would love to use TICS as our main project line and then linked them to the idea of inclusion, but it is just our first draft, we don't mind joining other ideas. Please, contact us for more information :) Jimena and Sara


We are a Spanish Adult Education Centre currently teaching Primary, Secondary and Vocational Teaching (gardening) in a multicultural neighbourhood in the centre of Madrid (Entrevías). We are a Spanish Adult Education Centre currently teaching Primary, Secondary and Vocational Teaching (gardening) in a multicultural neighbourhood in the centre of Madrid (Entrevías). 

Spanish Second chance school for youngsters and adults (providing VET and formal education) is looking to participate at a K2 Strategic partnership (deadline 1st October 2019)

Gentis Foundation, located in Barcelona (Spain) provides a wide arrange of training and orientation services to youngsters and adults in the  following fields:

Gentis Foundation

Gentis Foundation, located in Barcelona (Spain) provides a wide arrange of training and orientation services to youngsters and adults in the  following fields:

EYE - The E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs

We represent public bodies, education and organizations promoting social inclusion and economic development to support the process of diverse people collaboratively analyzing and addressing complex problems that transcends borders.  Our current project is to replicate our EYE model ( in a variety of learning enironments, including formal and non-formal eduational settings, programming aimed at social inclusion and economic development, and activity that encourage women, the disabled and other disadvantaged groups as well as pris

Gentis Foundation

Gentis Foundation, located in Barcelona (Spain) provides a wide arrange of training and orientation services to youngsters and adults in the following fields: • Job Orientation Services: Programs aimed at improving employability • Vocational Training Services: Training for both adult people in a situation of unemployment or in active employment for the improvement of competences. • Educational Services: Formal and regulated training programs approved by the Department of Education aiming to promote the return of young people to the educational system. • Services for Companies: Labour intermediation, practices, selection and support in the retention of talent • Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Services: Programs aimed at people interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial project or to be involved in companies or projects of social economy. • Community Mediation Services: Community action is an intervention strategy geared towards social cohesion and the improvement of coexistence as engines for local development. Gentis Foundation focuses on the analysis of training needs and develops tailor-made trainings that are personalized and adapted to the customer’s needs. Gentis is officially accredited as a Second Chance School and is a members of the Spanish Association of Second Chance Schools ( Gentis Foundation is very interested in continuously improving the quality of its services, learning new and innovative methodologies to train students and exchange best practices. We also believe we have valuable expertise and methodologies to share. Gentis Foundation is looking for partners to participate in activities related to exchange of good practices, study visits and co-innovation (for example through EU funded projects, Erasmus+ Program). We have already expertise in previous Erasmus+ Projects. Please contact us: • if you would like to take us into consideration as partners for your project • if you are interested in our profile, and wish to jointly explore opportunities for collaboration Best regards and looking forward to hearing from you!

Institute for Cultural Relations Policy

Founded in 2012, the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy (ICRP) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation fostering scientific education and public discourse regarding cultural relations policy.

Erasmus+ KA 2 Strategic Partnerships


Yours to everyone

My name is Yilmaz Koca. I work in a public institution providing education for adults in Turkey. We are looking for partners in the KA204 project for the transfer of good practices used in the training of disadvantaged adult convicts in EU countries.

Antalya Denetimli Serbestlik Müdürlüğü (Antalya Probation Office)

Antalya Denetimli Serbestlik Müdürlüğü 2005 yılında merkezde Adalet Bakanlığı Ceza ve Tevkifevleri Genel Müdürlüğüne taşrada ise Antalya Cumhuriyet Başsavcılığı'na bağlı olarak kurulan bir kamu kurumudur. Kurumumuz; hizmet binasında; Değerlendirme ve Planlama, Eğitim ve İyileştirme (bireysel görüşme, grup çalışmaları ve seminer odaları), İnfaz , Denetim , Proje , Koruma Kurulları ve Mağdur Destek Hizmetleri Büroları ile faaliyet göstermektedir. Kurumumuzda 17'si uzman (psikolog, sosyal çalışmacı, sosyolog ve öğretmen) ile 24 vaka sorumlusu olmak üzere toplam 96 çalışan bulunmaktadır. Müdürlüğümüz faaliyetlerine mevzuat gereği diğer kurum ve kuruluşlardan ihtiyaç duyulan alanlarda her türlü destek sağlanmaktadır. Kurumumuzda; eğitim ve iyileştirme çalışmalarında kullanılan, 6 bireysel, 4 grup, 2 seminer ve 1 gönüllü çalışma odası ile 1 hobi ve 1 kültür-sanat atölyesi bulunmaktadır. Antalya Denetimli Serbestlik Müdürlüğü'nün en temel misyonu, çocuk, genç ve yetişkin hükümlülere yönelik yapılan eğitim ve iyileştirme çalışmaları ile bu kişileri yeniden topluma kazandırmaktır. Bu kapsamda kurumumuzun; -Mevzuatta belirtilen şartları taşıyan ve ceza infaz kurumlarından denetimli serbestlik tedbiriyle şartlı tahliye edilenler ile hakkında hapis cezası dışındaki seçenek tedbir kararı verilen hükümlülerin; toplum içinde, gerektiğinde elektronik cihazlar da kullanılarak denetim ve takiplerini yapmak, -Madde bağımlısı hükümlülerin rehabilitasyonu ve kontrollü bir şekilde topluma entegrasyonunu sağlamak için, olumlu davranış değişikliğine yönelik eğitim ve iyileştirme çalışmaları uygulamak olmak üzere iki temel çalışma alanı bulunmaktadır. Kurumumuz Eğitim ve İyileştirme Bürosu tarafından hükümlülere yönelik yapılan eğitim ve iyileştirilme çalışmaları kapsamında, yapılan risk ve ihtiyaç değerlendirmesi sonucuna göre; bireysel rehberlik görüşmeleri, psiko-sosyal grup çalışmaları, kişisel gelişim seminerleri, diğer kurumların işbirliğinde bilgilendirme ve sorun çözme becerisine dayalı yaygın eğitimler verilmektedir. Bunun dışında hobi edindirme, sportif ve kültürel faaliyetlere dahil edilerek hükümlülerin topluma kazandırılmasına yönelik iyileştirme çalışmaları yapılmaktadır. Halihazırda 3.876 hükümlünün eğitim, iyileştirme, denetim ve takip çalışmalarını yürütmekteyiz. Kurumumuzun hedef kitlesi ise; başta madde bağımlıları olmak üzere haklarında mahkeme kararı ile denetimli serbestlik tedbiri uygulanan hükümlülerdir. Hükümlülerimizin çoğunluğu özellikle madde bağımlılığı problemi yaşayan dezavantajlı kişilerden oluşmaktadır. Bu kişiler yaşam tarzı ve suç geçmişinden dolayı toplum tarafından ötekileştirilmiş; yaşadıkları olumsuz şartlar nedeniyle eğitim, kültür ve sosyo-ekonomik imkanlara erişemedikleri için davranış ve madde bağımlılığı problemi yaşayan; bu ve benzeri nedenlerle topluma uyum sağlayamayan, sürekli olarak suç ortamında bulunan kişilerdir. Bu kişilerin toplumla yeniden bütünleşmeleri için, ihtiyaçlarına uygun olarak bireyselleştirilmiş rehabilitasyon çalışmalarına alınmaları gerekmektedir. Toplumun suça karşı korunması, güvenli ve sağlıklı bir toplum düzeni için son derece önemli olan rehabilitasyon hizmetleri, Kurumumuzun yaptığı ve yapacağı çalışmalar açısından kilit öneme sahiptir. Bu kapsamda Müdürlüğümüz eğitim ve İyileştirme Bürosunda görevli uzmanlarca hükümlülere bu sorunlarını çözmek için yaygın ve sargın eğitim metotları ile yapılandırılmış müdahale programları uygulanmaktadır.

(KA1) Teacher Training Course on Creative and Modern Language Teaching in Rijeka, Croatia (June-September 2019)

The Adult Education Institution Dante from Rijeka, Croatia is offering a KA1 course titled Creative and Modern Language Teaching during the summer - from July to September of 2019. 


The course is aimed at:

  • language teachers (primary, secondary, vocational, university, adult)
  • teacher trainers.


(KA1) Teacher Training Course on How to Teach Adults in Rijeka, Croatia (June-September 2019)

The Adult Education Institution Dante from Rijeka, Croatia is offering a KA1 course titled How to Teach Adults? Key Skills for Teachers in Adult Education during the summer - from July to September of 2019. 


The course is aimed at all teachers and staff working with adult learners in both a formal and non-formal context.


Suleymanpasa Public Education Centre looking for partners

We are a governmental institution for lifelong learning. Our organization is located in Süleymanpasa,Tekirdag which is very close to Istanbul.We are enthusiastic teachers about both learning and teaching new ways in lifelong learning.We are looking for partners for exchanging experiences in adult education,e-learning,persons in diabilities,financial literacy,cultural learning skills. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have experiences to share on these skills too


Indigo-Med is a Science Communication & Education consultancy based in Greece. It provides effective science communication and education solutions through creative & entertaining means. With more than 10 years experience in dissemination and communication activities of EU projects, we have cooperated with distinguished research centres, scientific and educational organisations, providing effective dissemination of scientific knowledge and outputs to the general public and stakeholders.

B&B College of Sustainable Development

B&B College of Sustainable Development acts as a link between employers and students. We actively cooperate with the environment, encourage innovation and practical orientation of our graduates. Therefore study is associated with practical problems typical of modern times.


WE – AS A GOVERNMENT INSTUTION- HAVING  MANY SCHOOLS, WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A KA2 PROJECT WITH THE PARTNERS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN SUCH TOPICS: disadvantaged students, students who need special training, local and cultural handcrafts, agriculture, adult education, teacher training…

SARONIC NEPHROLOGICAL CENTER Ltd (Neprhrological and Dialysis Unit for Kidney Patients)

SARONIC NEPHROLOGICAL CENTER Ltd is a pioneering movement funded by a private institution in the area of clinical nephrology with the objective to offer anthropocentric therapeutic services to outpatients with symptoms of renal insufficiency or to patients who have end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and are required to have dialysis sessions. It started operating in November of 2009, with the potential to become a benchmark for Greek and foreign visitors, who wish to indulge in relaxing moments, and escape from everyday life and routines, on Aegina island, or the surrounding areas of the Saronic Gulf, all year round, offering high-quality dialysis sessions, similar to those of their home dialysis centers. In order to achieve the above commitments, we offer high-quality care as part of the following parameters: - Complete and certified medical treatment. - Individualized intervention-therapy, tailored to each patient’s needs - Continuous improvement of our offers, by seeking the most effective methods of therapy. - Medical support/advice to kidney patients at the stage 1-4 of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). - Supporting caregivers (family members or informal) of patients at the early stage of kidney disease being diagnosed


Our main activities

Quality audits & computer security. Activities related to education, Erasmus + and international projects. Customization and implementation of digital platforms

One, Two... Tree!

One, two…tree! One, two…tree! is a non-profit organization working on education in Central America. We introduce English classes for underprivileged children in local non-profits and public schools. We also organize funding campaigns to promote specific educational projects. The idea is simple. We cooperate with local organizations to use their premises and introduce free English classes with volunteer work. This allows us to reach a large number of kids at the lowest costs. We are all volunteers. There is no other salary than our love for what we do and the satisfaction for the good work. Also companies and institutions help us at no cost.

Center for Knowledge Management

The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) is a think-and-do centre (research and education provider) established in 2008, with an aim of enhancing and improving knowledge management processes in all societal spheres in Republic of Macedonia and the SEE region. Covering a wide area of activities performed in collaboration with the civil sector, the state, and public administration and the profit sector, CKM 's vision is to become an active actor in the institutional and economic development of the country, and the region in general.



Dear all,

My name is Sona Stefkova, and I represent an adult educational company in Bratislava (Slovakia) -
We are interested to be a partner in a KA205 projects, we can offer best practice and trainings related tosoft-skills, self-development and leadership topics.

Our main areas of educating and focus are:

Lykia Scouting and Nature Sports Club Association

Lykia Scouting and Nature Sports Club Association ( LIDOSK) was established as an youth NGO that promotes intercultural learning, understanding, active citizenship, volunteerism, sports for a healthy lifestyle, environmental protection. LİDOSK aims to develop and support the cooperation in the field of youth in Europe. We encourage young people, especially the most disadvantaged and the disabled, to actively participate in public life and to promote their sense of initiative, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, to contribute towards acceptance of cultural diversity, social cohesion, sustainable development and combat against all forms of discrimination fostering their mobility in Europe.

Lower Silesian Regional Development Agency

The Lower Silesian Regional Development Agency (Dolnośląska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A.) was established in 1991, with the objective of providing support for the social and economic transformation of the Wałbrzych region, the restructuring of its economy and the development of businesses. Its initial share capital, which currently stands at PLN 9,790,000, was collected by way of six private issue of shares.



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