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EPALE - Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe



| 24 August 2020
| by Fiona Aldridge

In the wake of a global pandemic, adult learning has a key role to play in rebuilding our economy and society. Understanding how and why adults engage in learning is important in raising levels of participation and in tackling deep and persistent inequalities. As national coordinator for the UK EAAL, Learning and Work Institute will be using the programme to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on adult learning, to ‘deep dive’ into the issues faced by particular groups of adults, and to better understand how data on adult participation in learning can inform national policy and strategy.


| 6 July 2020
| by Camille POIRAUD
The latest issue of the Education Permanente lifelong learning magazine, “L'introuvable qualité en formation” (n°223/2020-2), focuses on quality. The contributions featuring in this issue oscillate between the challenges of the new regulations and the considerations related to the concepts - both abstract and complex - of the quality, efficiency and evaluation of training. We will take this occasion to briefly review the “ages” of training quality in France and Europe.


| 26 June 2020
| by Mai Timmi

In the beginning of 2020 together with ERASMUS + startegic co-operation project EFFECT partners we released a questionary to teachers who are dealing with adult learners. To make sure that the curriculum and toolkit for teachers (that are the main outcomes of this project) will fulfull its purpuse while working with lower skilled and educated adults we asked teachers how they are doing their job and what they miss the most. The questionary was organised in Estonia (by Loome OÜ, Kasvulava OÜ), in Latvia (by SIA Spring Valley) and in Slovakia (by TopCoach).


| 11 June 2020
| by NSS UK

What makes EPALE’s 5th birthday so special for us? The EPALE UK NSS team has contributed and helped community members submit more than 1,500 pieces of content to EPALE. We’d like to celebrate this milestone with you by highlighting some of our most popular publications over the years.


| 28 May 2020
| by Marton Jozsef

Quality assurance (QA) is an important element of vocational education and training (VET) and adult learning policy. Quality, its assurance and continuous improvement are a constant endeavour of all actors of the training process. Quality assurance in VET is promoted also by a number of European initiatives. The transparency and comparability of qualifications have come to the fore with a view to establish a European Education Area and a common European labour market.


| 27 May 2020

A feature of EQAVET that carries added value is that it encourages the systematic performance of self-evaluation and so it facilitates the continuous improvement of the quality of VET. Nonetheless, the Framework itself and the indicative descriptors and indicators that are part of it can be used as a quality assessment reference tool.


| 26 May 2020
| by Tibor Králik

In 2019 the Government in the VET 4.0 strategy expressed in connection with the transfor-mation of the VET system its commitment to the introduction of a quality management sys-tem that is aligned with and based on the European Quality Assurance Reference Frame-work for Vocational Education and Training (EQAVET).


| 25 May 2020

Since 2000 in the European Union there has been a steadily growing and strengthening commitment to (encouraging) the use of the common quality assurance framework in vocational education and training (VET). The reason for this is that the goals set to stimulate economic and social development in Europe (enhancing competitiveness and employability, promoting transition to a knowledge-based society, increasing mobility) highlighted and brought the issues of quality and quality assurance in vocational education and training into the focus.


| 17 September 2020
| by NSS UK

The NSS UK has extended the deadline of our ‘EPALE UK Star Supporter’ Photo Competition 2020 until noon on October 20! 
All UK individuals and organisations working in the field of adult education are invited to participate by submitting a photo with a short caption that aligns with the theme of Celebrating the Impact of Adult Learning. You can also join in on social media with #EPALEStars.


| 3 September 2020
| by Joss Kang

The Education and Training Foundation’s #APConnect programme, organised by touchconsulting Ltd, is currently entering its third year. Those operating in Advanced Practitioner-type roles across the Further Education and Training sector are invited to register their interest for all strands of the programme, with applications for the Community of Practice strand now live!


| 20 July 2020
| by NSS UK

The NSS UK is pleased to announce that our ‘EPALE UK Star Supporter’ Photo Competition 2020 is now open! All UK individuals and organisations working in the field of adult education are welcome to participate. You can enter for the chance to win a prize valued up to £100 by submitting a photo with a short (100-200 word) caption that aligns with our theme of Celebrating the Impact of Adult Learning. 


| 14 July 2020
| by NSS EPALE Nederland

What does the future of lifelong learning look like? Within the framework of UNESCO's Futures of Education initiative the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning held a consultation process to answer this question. High-level experts analysed how lifelong learning needs to be rethought in the context of the deep and rapid changes affecting contemporary societies, such as aging, migration, digitalization and labour market transformation. They developed a vision of how lifelong learning can contribute to shaping future developments, also taking into account the impacts of the global COVID-19 crisis. 


| 1 June 2020
| by Jasmine Miller

This online event focusing on creating richer educational relationships through better conversations will be an evening of insights and discussion chaired by Rachel Lofthouse – Professor of Teacher Education in the Carnegie School of Education. Five ‘hosts’ will each make a short contribution based on a question. This will be followed by a discussion in which the webinar participants can pose questions and comments online and / or contribute in person.  


| 7 May 2020
| by NSS UK

The EPALE NSS UK team held our first online Ambassador training session this month. It took place in two parts – we pre-recorded training videos for the Ambassadors to watch and then we held a live webinar to answer questions, address comments, and discuss the thematic focuses for 2020 and the Ambassador Workplan.


| 15 April 2020
| by Hélène Paumier

In the context of the current health crisis, the French Minister of Labour, who is also in charge of vocational training, has made resources available to professionals in the sector to facilitate continuity in education.

Thursday 24 September 2020, Slovenia

Virtualni info dan - Erasmus akreditacija za področje izobraževanja odraslih

CMEPIUS po splošnem informativnem dnevu za razpis Erasmus akreditacije, ki je potekal v petek, 18.9.2020, pripravlja še področne seminarje. Seminar za pridobitev Erasmus+ akreditacije na področju izobraževanja odraslih bo potekal v četrtek, 24. 9. 2020 ob 13.00. Dogodek bo spletni, potrebna pa je prijava. 

Monday 21 September 2020 to Wednesday 23 September 2020, Croatia

VIII. Međunarodni andragoški simpozij

Agencija za strukovno obrazovanje i obrazovanje odraslih i ove godine, od 21. do 23. rujna 2020. organizira VIII. Međunarodni andragoški simpozij koji će se održati u sklopu ESF projekta Razvoj sustava osiguravanja kvalitete u obrazovanju odraslih, 2.

Wednesday 8 September 2021 to Thursday 9 September 2021, Europe

ICSD 2021 : 9th International Conference on Sustainable Development, 8 - 9 September Rome, Italy

European Center of Sustainable Development in collaboration with Canadian Institute of Technology  will organize the 9th ICSD 2021 International Conference on Sustainable Development, with particular focus on Environmental, Economic and Socio-Cultural Sustainability.

The Conference theme is: "Creating a unified foundation for the Sustainable Development: research, practice and education".

Tuesday 10 November 2020 to Wednesday 11 November 2020, Estonia


Koolituse eesmärk on aidata osalejatel nii sotsiaalsetest uskumustest kui ka teoreetilistest teadmisest lähtuvalt mõista andekuse tausta ja fenomeni eri tahke ning toetada suhtlus- ja õpetamisoskuste kujunemist töös andekatega. Levinud on arvamus, et sageli ei lase kool ja ülikool õppijatel oma annetest teadlikuks saada, kuna meie haridussüsteem ei keskendu sellele. Praegu toimuvad haridusuuenduse protsessid on keskmesse võtnud õppijate annete arengu ja seda toetavad tegevused ning väljundid. Koolitus keskendub just nende protsesside mõtestamisele ja toetamisele.

Thursday 23 July 2020, Spain

Networking, redes sociales profesionales y marca personal: herramientas de marketing para el futuro del deportista

Con el paso del tiempo, los deportistas se han convertido personas relevantes en nuestra sociedad. Los valores que acompañan su desempeño profesional, la emocionalidad que evocan y su contribución al entramado económico y social les ha otorgado una posición preeminente que deberían ser capaces de explotar.
Wednesday 9 September 2020 to Thursday 10 September 2020, Slovenia

5. znanstvena konferenca “Raziskovanje v vzgoji in izobraževanju”

Letošnja, že 5. znanstvena konferenca »Raziskovanje v vzgoji in izobraževanju«, nosi podnaslov »Medsebojni vpliv raziskovanja in prakse«. Konferenca bo potekala v 9. in 10. septembra 2020, v prostorih Znanstveno raziskovalnega centra SAZU (Novi trg 2, Ljubljana).

Wednesday 16 September 2020, Poland

Festiwal Sektor 3.0

Festiwal Sektor 3.0 to największe w Europie Środkowej wydarzenie dotyczące wykorzystania nowych technologii w działaniach społecznie użytecznych. W ciągu dwóch festiwalowych dni bierze w nim udział ponad 1000 osób, w tym przedstawiciele organizacji non profit, biznesu, administracji publicznej, nauki oraz mediów.


| 25 August 2020
| by NSS UK

The Welsh Government has worked closely with learning providers and partners to develop a plan for post-16 learning delivery from September 2020, which endorses a “blended learning” delivery model. This guidance on designing blended learning programmes provides suggestions to help adult education professionals consider the steps to take to produce coherent blended learning courses and training programmes. It emphasizes designing quality learning experiences that stretch and challenge learners, and then choosing the technology that best fits the delivery. 


| 25 August 2020
| by NSS UK

The Welsh Government has worked closely with learning providers and partners to develop a plan for post-16 learning delivery from September 2020, which endorses a “blended learning” delivery model. This document provides blended learning guidance for further education institutions, work-based learning, and adult learning in the community partnerships in Wales.


| 7 April 2020
| by Daniele TREVISAN

The In-Di E-Handbook is a methodological and pedagogical tool for educators of adult learners, concerning the use of drama, storytelling and video-making techniques. This handbook is one of the outcomes of the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership project In-Di, Intercultural Dialogue: A Holistic Approach to Drama, Storytelling and VideoMaking techniques.


| 26 March 2020
| by NSS UK

This report presents the findings from the Learning and Work Institute's 2019 Adult Participation in Learning Survey, which was funded by the Department for Education (DfE). This includes patterns of participation in learning across demographic groups, the nature of learning undertaken, motivations for and barriers to participation, and the benefits of engaging in adult learning. The 2019 survey records the lowest participation rate in the 23-year history of the survey.


| 24 February 2020
| by EPALE Keskus Eestis

This podcast is about the rise of online learning and discusses the various challenges for a teacher. The content was created after reading a blog post entitled "The rise of online learning: the benefits and challenges for teachers – Part Two: Challenges" from the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe and this is the second podcast in a two-part series about the rise of online learning.