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EPALE - Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe

Non-formal and informal learning


| 3 February 2020
| by Svenja Zenz
In January 2020, the conference "Strong Leadership - Sustainable Future" took place. In this context, the Erasmus Plus project FETLED, it's outputs and results were presented. Find here a detailed report on the conference as well as the outputs of the poject.


| 21 January 2020
| by Valdis Orols

From 7th to 11th January 2020 was organized Europe for Citizens “Network for a new Europe” project meeting in the city of Locri (Italia). Locri is ancient city founded by Greeks in the south part of Italia. Locri, with over 12’000 inhabitants, is an important administrative and cultural center in Calabria Region.


| 11 January 2020
| by Renata OCHOA-DA...

The ASIDE project intends to support inclusive education and digital skills, improving the competences in the digital social inclusion of adult social educators and adult social volunteers. Our project addresses social inclusion through the definition of a portfolio of basic digital competencies that are necessary for developing Information and Communication Technology-based social inclusion initiatives/services
More precisely, our project aims to:


| 31 December 2019
| by Derya KERSU

The Learning Culture in Adult Education project, which was accepted within the scope of the Erasmus + K104 Proposal Call for the Presidency of EU Education and Youth Programs Center, was accepted under the leadership of the consortium of Ordu Provincial Directorate of National Education.

Within the scope of the project, 12 adult education teachers who are working in public education centers (Korgan, Fatsa, Perşembe)  will participate in the training in the city of Malaga, Spain.


| 30 December 2019
| by EPALE Italia
Professional educators, teachers, youth and social workers, cultural mediators, psychologists, psychoanalysts are invited to visit the online platform An Erasmus+ Key Action 2 - strategic cooperation for innovation in the field of Youth, focusing on migrants, empowerment, trauma and communicative expression. The platform shares the intellectual outputs of the project, hosting also a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC), now open, and a Community of Practice. EXULI is the result of European cooperation between non-formal education organizations and Lacanian psychoanalysis forums from Italy, France, Greece, and Spain


| 26 December 2019
| by Vita Maria Torelli

The seven partners of the project "Integration Through Arts Learning to Enhance Society" (I-TALES 2019 1 IT02 KA204 062118) will meet in Massafra, a town in Puglia, South Italy, for their kick off meeting from 3rd to 6th January 2020. The staff members of Italy (coordinator), Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain will share a common understanding of the project objectives, the work plan, the expected results, the LTTA methodology of work, the management and administrative requirements.


| 22 December 2019
| by Eleni Plevra
In order to internationalise and strengthen the European dimension of an organisation, the project management competences (for European projects) and the intercultural skills of co-trainers and members ought to be enhanced. An international opening of our organisation and the motivation to European projects ought to be included as an integral part in the organisations program.


| 19 December 2019
| by Karine Nicolay

Watch the 'after event movie' of the ERASMUS+ contact seminar on Active Citizenship for organisations in formal and non-formal adult education, organised by the Flemish National Agency, Epos from 27 to 30 November 2019 in Landcommanderij Alden Biesen in Belgium/Flanders. Representatives of 19 countries, all organisations working on the improvement of adult learners’ active citizenship competences in the formal or non-formal adult education sector, were present.


| 18 December 2019
| by Nevenka Longuro...

In the perod of 26-28 November 2019, representatives from 16 CSOs from Macedonia strengtened thir capacities for evidence based advocacy and skills to provide and process data. The participants get knowledge about the process and elements of advocacy, how to create a message, how to analyse the public and create strategic communication.


| 11 December 2019
| by Samsun Canik HEM

Within the project under the name of ' Our Labor For Education' carried out by  Samsun, Canik Public Education Center,  60 convicts under the scope of probation renovated,  repaired and painted many puclic buildings including schools, mosques and Quran Course builgings during ‘’Restoration worker’’ and ‘’Painting and Reno


| 27 February 2020
| by Manuela Vollmann

Increasingly flexible employment terms, new working time arrangements and new (atypical) working relationships all require a flexible response in terms of education guidance that is both empowering and sensitive to questions of gender and diversity. Read more about the approach ABZ* Austria developed. 


| 24 February 2020
| by Petra Mathilde Jørs

STORY Edicio dela Torre, priest, activist and head of the Education for Life Foundation in The Philippines, tells how "To learn from life, for life, throughout your lifetime" in this story from the book "Take responsibility" volume three in the book series 10 Lessons from the Folk High School.

By Edicio dela Torre


| 20 February 2020
| by Anildo Vedovatti

Part II: Interview with an employee of United Call Centers Kft.

Persuasive communication techniques combined with credible presence? Find out what learning opportunities a company can offer to ensure the preparedness of its customer service colleagues.

The Hungarian and German EPALE National Support Services have launched a joint thematic week with a focus on workplace learning. EPALE Ambassador in Hungary Annamária Kiss conducted a series of interviews with five organisations that make great efforts to train their employees.


| 10 February 2020
| by Peter Baláž
Have you ever heard about the NGO called Education@Internet? Maybe not. Chances are, though, that you have come across the results of their efforts as they have already carried out a good few worthy projects with world-wide impact. Among them are a few international events known around the globe.


| 28 January 2020
| by Jasna Maričić M...

Ok, let`s tell my story. I am a teacher of mathematics in primary school (with students from ten to fourteen years). I am a class teacher, also. Every beginning of the school year, four of us in the school, like a team of class teachers in the same grade, prepare a plan for working as class teachers for our grade. We choose and determine themes that we will elaborate on with our students.


| 30 December 2019
| by Agnieszka Pater

Constellations are very useful tools for working with individuals and teams. The constellations that originate from Bert Hellinger’s work and systematic coaching are nothing but a set of elements that create a pattern and have their own structure. This is a live map of the client that represents his internal relationship landscape.

Sunday 4 July 2021 to Friday 9 July 2021, Belgium

Unique international course: 'Applied storytelling: a multifunctional didactic tool in the classroom'

Unique international course: 'Applied storytelling: a multifunctional didactic tool in the classroom' 4-9 July 2021 Target Group Adult education staff and trainers, community workers … Storytelling in Adult Education is a course about how to use oral storytelling and storytelling techniques in formal and non-formal adult learning. It offers five days of presentations, workshops & performances.
Tuesday 22 September 2020, Sweden

Netværkskonference om voksnes læring

Denne begivenhed er arrangeret af NVL (Nordisk Netværk for Voksnes Læring). NVL fremmer samarbejde om livslang læring i hele Norden og udvikler viden til beslutningstagere og praktikere. Netværket er et program under Nordisk Ministerråd.

Nu er tiden inde til at bruge Nordens styrke i klimaets og samfundets interesse og give det allerhøjeste prioritet. Agenda 2030 viser vej, men vi har brug for at arbejde endnu hurtigere og endnu mere ambitiøst.

Wednesday 18 March 2020, Poland

Rozwój osobowości z filozofią Kaizen. Nawyczkowisko.

Zapraszamy coachów, doradców zawodowych, psychologów, terapeutów, trenerów, menedżerów, konsultantów HR, mentorów, członków i sympatyków Izby Coachingu oraz wszystkich zainteresowanych rozwojem osobistym na trzeci w 2020 roku Dyskusyjny Klub Coachingu!

Środa, 18 marca 2020 r., godz. 17.30 - 20.30 - Dyskusyjny Klub Coacha "Rozwój osobowości z filozofią Kaizen. Nawyczkowisko." poprowadzi Elżbieta Donmez.


| 9 January 2020
| by Eugenia KYPRIOTIS

A Definition of Intercultural Key Competences of Science Educators/Explainers. This will provide a basis for science centers and science museums to identify the potential training needs of their staff in order to raise the intercultural quality of their programmes.


| 9 January 2020
| by Eugenia KYPRIOTIS

Handbook for Adult Science Education Institutions. The handbook/toolkit will serve as a quick-start toolkit for institutions interested in improving their institution as inclusive science learning places for adult refugees and migrants and in offering relevant science learning activities. The handbook will e.g. include good practice examples and lessons learned from intercultural small scale activities, an intercultural/diversity scan for science centers and museums.


| 27 December 2019
| by Uros Velickovic

EPALE Serbia National Support Service issues an electronic magazine tied to thematic focuses on EPALE. The magazine contains a selection of most red blogs on the platform translated into Serbian and other articles relevant to adult education in Serbia and Europe.

In accordance with the EPALE thematic focus in the period form March to May 2019, this issue of magazine is dedecated to the topic of non-formal and informal learning.


| 24 December 2019
| by Ivan Hromatko
"The Pitch" is a series of e-Manuals published from Erasmus+ funded partnership in adult education "Theatre Pitching for employment" (2018-1-HR01-KA204-047439). It's purpose is to present the pitching method used at international educational workshops of the partnership, and serve to other educators as inspirational guidelines for using pitching (presentation method) in non-formal education, working with marginalised groups, and raising their employability.


| 18 December 2019
| by Eva Delgado
The VINCE – Validation for inclusion of new citizens of Europe project consortium represents a wide spectrum of experiences and expertise, bringing together different types of organisations from various sectors: Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), VET providers, NGOs, Associations/European-wide associations and an ENIC-NARIC Centre.


| 18 December 2019
| by Łukasz Putyra

The course was created as part of a project dedicated to the education of young people, but it can be used by educators working with people of all ages, including adults. What's more, it can be used by adults seeking knowledge in the field of 3D modeling and printing.

It contains 3 Modules:

I. Introduction to digital prototyping tech

II. New Artisans

III. Youth creativity in the digital age


| 6 December 2019
| by Janet MIFSUD

Epilepsy is one of the most common chronic neurological disorders affecting around 1% of the population worldwide. The report 'Epilepsy Priorities in Europe' (2013) reports that 50% of the 6 million people with epilepsy in Europe are affected by stigma (

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