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EPALE - Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe

Basic skills


| 14 February 2020

Adult women are learning crochet knitting at Acigol public education center. With this activity, women can make accessories in different designs by using their imagination. Women give their home decorations a new look with the accessories the product with this activity,which is carried out by expert trainer Hatice Duruş. The bags produced by women for their personal using are complete their dresses. Women who improve themselves with this activity can contribute to family budgets by selling their products in social sharing environments.


| 12 February 2020

It is a sewing course for adults and trainees to learn sewing.

Besides, since the course is open in cooperation with the Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR), our trainees who attend training receive a daily fee.
Thus, the trainees continue the course steadily. It makes training more efficient.

Another aim of the course is that trainees have a profession after the training is over.


| 25 January 2020

 Decisive steps are being taken in vocational education in Edremit. Vocational education, which is one of the priorities of the 2023 Vision Document and the Ministry of National Education, is of great importance for the production and service sectors. Aware of the critical role of vocational high schools in development, the District National Education Directorate has designated the 2019-2020 academic year as the breakthrough year in vocational education in our district.


| 6 January 2020

The Canteen-Keeper Course was organized by the teacher Abdülkadir CANSIZ for adults who are working in canteens in Gümüşhane Public Education Center.

25 trainees who were attending the course and pass the exams successfully, received a certificate.

The purpose of this course;
* Providing job opportunities for adult trainees,
* To give basic information about occupational health and safety,
* To be able to communicate effectively by using communication tools in business, social and cultural life,


| 26 December 2019

The content of the course is simply learning the computer software and hardware. 

Adult trainees aged between 18-75 participate in this course. Generally, the trainees from 18 to 35 years old who are looking for a job.

Trainees use a computer and learn hardware information, Word -  Excel-  PowerPoint Microsoft Office program of 2016 version, Installation of operating systems, Internet usage. 

They usually want to learn how to use Office programs. Those in the age group 50 and above want to learn how to use the internet.


| 12 December 2019

The course  “Hand crafted rebab and instrument with three double strings ” provided by  Erdek Public Education Center  is one of the courses  in the handicrafts branch. This course was opened for the first time in Erdek/Balıkesir/Turkey. The aim of this course, which is attended by 12 adult trainees is to earn income by making these instruments as well as the production of musical instruments. Both male and female trainees loved this course very much. The smell of wood made them happy.


| 11 December 2019

Technology is becoming more and more essential for our lives and we should be able to keep pace with it. In this respect, robot programming is one of the essential skills and knowlodge for us to acquire. Robot programming /coding is important not only for technology but also other basic but important life skills such as problem solving, creative and analytical thinking and team work. In that sense, Yozgat Publich Education Center, In Turkey, provides its adult learners with a Robotic Programming / Coding Course and it has been functional since 1st December, 2019.  


| 9 December 2019


Kitting toys named “amigurumi” produced by organic materials are completely healthy for kids and the environment. That's why the amigurumi is so popular nowadays.

In the Siirt Public Education Center, there are amigurumi courses for adults who want to acquire this ability. The adults, who are not actively involved in working life, mostly join our courses and made lots of toys during the course.

As a Siirt Public Education Center, we thought that why our hobby doesn't make someone happy. So we made toys to make orphan kids happy.


| 29 January 2020

The wood ornament saves you from expending,  also it makes mental relaxation. Also, you can contribute to the economy by earning money. Sometimes it is big fun to create a difference in the place you live in.
 It is a way of therapy for adults.  For this reason, my trainees and I design for new products every day during the course and go to our homes in happiness and joy with the feeling of comfort. 


| 27 December 2019

Critical thinking is a very common term that (to put it as simplest as possible) implies to some proper way of thinking and reaching conclusions. ‘Critical’ in this sense does not have some negative meaning, but rather it implies to a detailed analysis and evaluation of some object of thinking. It is the term that is very often seen in job postings and in CVs and is apparently highly valued in today’s job markets.


| 27 December 2019

There are a very few terms so frequently mentioned in today’s job advertisements and applications as the term critical thinking. It seems that every employer seeks it and that every applicant possesses it, no matter what industry and position we are talking about. A 2013 report by the Association of American Colleges and Universities revealed that 93% of employers value critical thinking over the candidate’s undergraduate degree.


| 18 December 2019

In the framework of the Capacity Buidling Series, EBSN organised 6 online discussions in connection with the OERs and online courses. The discussions elaborated on specific topics that are highly relevant to the themes of the OER and aimed to involve experts from the repsective fields of expertise. 


Gallery of online discussions


Digital Societies, Digital Inclusion
6 March, 2019 9:00 (CET) - 7 March, 2019 17:00 (CET)


| 18 December 2019

This series of units, each of which presenting a collection of open educational resources (OER) and online courses (MOOCs), has been designed to support European policy-makers and other stakeholders involved in the implementation of the European Commission’s Upskilling Pathways recommendation. Basic skills are a core element in Upskilling Pathways.


| 13 December 2019
There were 4,015 people in prison custody in Ireland in 2019, half of whom left school before they were 15 years old (Community Needs Analysis, Meaney, 2019). The rate of imprisonment in Ireland is approximately 81 per 100,000 of the general population (Irish Penal Reform Trust, 2019). Trying to ascertain figures for prisoners currently participating in education is difficult as the information is ambiguous.


| 12 December 2019

Basic literacy and life-skills are general practical skills which are essential for our participation in the local community, for our integration into social life, for our employment, and basic skills also open the doors for us to acquire new specific skills and professional competences. Of course, we can find different definitions in different approaches, but their common feature is that basic skills include reading comprehension, literacy and numeracy skills, oral communication and digital skills, but also social skills which are increasingly emphasised among workplace expectations.


| 6 December 2019

"Literary education at school is a powerful vehicle for decolonizing a strong Eurocentric vision, incapable, that is, of knowing and feeling the other - even within the cultural traditions - not as a threat, but as an opportunity for new and often unpredictable exchanges "

Thursday 5 March 2020, Netherlands

Digisterkerdag 2020 | Samen onderweg

Elke stap en ontmoeting op ons pad telt, ze zetten ons en anderen in beweging. Op de Digisterkerdag 2020 wordt de reis en niet de bestemming centraal gesteld met als doel: een (digitale) samenleving waaraan zoveel mogelijk mensen kunnen meedoen!

Monday 4 April 2022 to Friday 8 April 2022, Spain

ICT skills for Educators

Computing and IT is required by all businesses and jobs in today’s world. Information and Communication technology (ICT) has the potentialict_3 to transform teaching and learning processes. According to a recent study in OECD countries, students are more sophisticated in their use of technology than teachers; an inherent discrepancy between student knowledge and usage of ICTs with the abilities of teacher to use ICTs. This suggest that teacher inexperience and skill deficiencies may often be a fundamental factor which prevents the effectiveness of ICT use in education. The same study reveals that the most effective uses of ICT are those in which the teacher, aided by ICTs, may challenge understanding and thinking of pupils, and this can be done through whole-class discussions and/or individual/small group workshops using ICTs. Nowadays, it is widely accepted that the use of ICTs should not aim at completely transforming teacher practices in and of itself but rather enabling and supporting the move from traditional ‘teacher-centric’ teaching styles to more ‘learner-centric’ methods. In other words, making each one of the students active and fully engaged. The ‘ICT skills for Educators’ course is designed to enable participants to improve their teaching practices with the use of specific ICT tools, such as smart boards, web conferencing and webinars, among others, thus, creating a ‘learner-centric’ classroom. This is an ideal course for all teachers, educators & trainers interested in continuing professional development (CPD).
Thursday 10 September 2020 to Saturday 12 September 2020, Turkey


Message from ENTECH Zero Waste Forum to the World

ENTECH – Recycling Environmental Technologies and Zero Waste Exhibition welcomed 47 thousand industry professionals from the Balkans, CIS countries, Middle East, North Africa, Far East, Western Europe, America and Turkey on 10 thousand square meter area. Zero Waste Forum, which took place concurrently with the exhibition lasting for 4 days, gave this message: “Our lifestyles must be reviewed to use sources effectively”.

Monday 6 April 2020 to Friday 10 April 2020, Belgium

Université de Printemps/ Lire et Ecrire/ Ateliers pour formateurs en alphabétisation

Aujourd’hui, les valeurs de l’alphabétisation populaire sont souvent reléguées au second plan au profit d’une politique de formation linguistique très réductrice qui nous fait peur et est source d’angoisse pour les personnes qui s’engagent dans un processus de formation dans nos associations.

Tuesday 28 January 2020 to Wednesday 29 January 2020, Italy

6. mednarodna konferenca PIAAC

Organizacija za gospodarsko sodelovanje in razvoj (OECD) v sodelovanju z italijanskim ministrstvom za delo in socialno politiko, italijansko agencijo za aktivne politike trga dela (ANPAL) in Italijanskim inštitutom za analizo javnih politik (INAPP) prireja 6. mednarodno konferenco PIAAC.

Namen konference je spodbujati uporabo podatkov PIAAC in s tem vplivati na pomembne prihodnje politične odločitve.

Več informacij o dogodku najdete na konferenčni spletni strani.

Friday 24 January 2020, France

Gardeniser Pro : Enfin une formation pour l'animation des jardins partagés

Avec le développement en Europe des jardins urbains et partagés ces dernières années, une nouvelle figure professionnelle est en train d’émerger : celle de l’animateur de jardin (Gardeniser). Celui-ci correspond à des compétences professionnelles et humaines, dures et douces, qui ne sont pas toujours assez valorisées. En effet, savoir jardiner, même en connaissant parfaitement toutes les techniques, ne signifie pas que l’on saura animer un groupe, créer une dynamique, intégrer un projet dans un territoire.


| 10 February 2020
BEE TRUE is a 6-day Structure Course in the frame of Erasmus+ Adult Education, which introduces the theoretical background on urban and commercial beekeeping along with practical exercise on the field. BEE TRUE is coordinated by NGO AENAO (, located in Thessaloniki, Greece. SESSIONS PLANNED: 24-29 February 2020 3-8 March 2020 11-16 May 2020 15-20 June 2020 Kindly contact us at and/or and inform us on your availability on the above mentioned dates.


| 4 December 2019

Urban gardens are expanding around the world to encourage local production and consumption, social inclusion, dialogue and the adoption of a sustainable way of life. Indeed, whatever its shape, its size, each of them seeks the achievement of common objectives: social, educational, ecological, aesthetic, fun. Thus, they implement participative practices in their design, management and mode of operation.


| 28 November 2019

This e-guide is addressed to professional trainers and educators willing to extend and develop their knowledge and awareness in the field of digital training, more particularly when delivering through an e-learning platform.
The output deals with the implementation of innovative pedagogical methods with the help of digital technology in the field of lifelong learning and adult education.


| 28 November 2019
The WAMDIA curriculum was developed with these users in mind, particularly those who are not IT professionals, but whose work involves creating digital content that must be accessible to all who come across it; in fact, the target is any ICT users conscious of the need to make all the digital content they create accessible to everyone.


| 28 November 2019

Career development has become important factor in life of everyone. Employers are increasingly appreciating skills that enable effective teamwork and creative problem solving. An individual is expected to be open and focused on self-initiative training, knowledge of lifelong learning and education. Employers demand more and more skills from candidates who do not only relate to anindividual's professional competence within the chosen profession.

Zübeyde Ceylan's picture


| 6 February 2019

Halk eğitimleri kurslarının çok kültürlü ve çok dilli bir atmosferde olaması var yerel halk ve mülteci / göçmen topluluğunun entegrasyonunda problemler doğurmaktadır.

Kültürel farklılıklardan çeşitlilik uyumluluk sorunu, iletişim engelleri ve bu engelleri aşma yolları bugün açık alan çok popüler toplumun öncelikli konularından birini arıyorlar.Öğretmenler çok kültürlü sınıf atmosferinde entegrasyon  metot ve tekniklerle problemler yaşıyor bu problemlerin giderilmesinde iyi uygulamalara ihtiyaç duymaktadır.

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| 1 February 2019

We recently delivered an E+ project where we sent both young and older learners to Portugal on a work placement programme.

As we were anticipating that this might be the first time some of our learners had lived away from home, we created a document titled "Independent Living Guide", which covered Planning for travel, work, etc, but also gave our participants tips on Health and Wellbeing and Personal Safety.

I think this could be improved and I would like to ask colleagues what they have used in the past to support their students? 

abdullah öztürk's picture


| 7 October 2018

 Material should be developed for Special Education students according to the type of disability. In this context, we prepared the KA101 project. what materials can be prepared according to the type of obstacle / disability. We need your help. Would you please write your comments. Thank you.