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Thematic Focuses 2022

Thematic Focuses 2022

Welcome to the 2022 EPALE Thematic Focuses.

EPALE is the European, multilingual, open membership platform that provides the content, resources, training and networking that will help you learn new skills, stay informed and get involved in the Adult Learning community. On EPALE you can be inspired by thousands of blogs, news, stories and insights from other adult learning professionals, and you can promote your content, exchange knowledge and share your opinions on key issues.

We deal with everything related to adult learning and education, but each year we devote special attention to some specific topics. We identify some Thematic Focuses with the aim of raising awareness and exploring them deeper, and we select few EPALE themes to associate to each Focus. Don't forget to select all relevant themes when posting your content, to be sure that it is displayed under the corresponding Thematic Focus!

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To explore the four 2022 Thematic Focuses please visit this page.