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The Wellbeing of Disability Professionals in the Further and Higher Education Workplace, NADP report

This National Association of Disability Practitioners (NADP) report from 2020 covers the experiences of members of professional staff in institutions who are working directly with disabled students. It has revealed some pockets of excellent practice with disability professionals reporting a good working atmosphere, supportive teams, excellent work-life balance and effective management at every level. However, the majority of respondents reported a difficult working environment both physically and emotionally.

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Andrew Rawson
|Posted 3 years ago

Teaching Excellence podcast

A podcast discussing all things Teaching, Learning, Assessment, and Quality in Further Education. Hosted by Stef Wilkinson and Jade Gibson, leaders in FE, who want to make a difference and widen the discussion.

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|Posted 4 years ago

In-Di E-Handbook: Exchange of Best Practices (Intercultural Dialogue: A Holistic Approach to Drama, Storytelling and Video-Making Techniques)

The In-Di E-Handbook is a methodological and pedagogical tool for educators of adult learners, concerning the use of drama, storytelling and video-making techniques. This handbook is one of the outcomes of the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership project In-Di, Intercultural Dialogue: A Holistic Approach to Drama, Storytelling and VideoMaking techniques.

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|Posted 4 years ago