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Work-based learning in CVET

There is little methodological professional material, - particularly ones related to adult learning – that may be of good help to organizations and professionals wishing to introduce work-based learning Therefore this project - in the context of which such a complex methodological handbook has been developed that promotes the introduction and effective application of work-based learning forms, the learning outcome-based training plans in adult vocational education and training across Europe - fills a large gap. The handbook contains the complex process description of work-based learning and the building blocks of its quality organization, document samples applied during the procedures and the presentation of the web-based and mobile application supporting the management of the electronic work log and practical log developed in the framework of this project.

In the framework of this project in international partnership such an exemplary methodology has been developed that is sustainable and suitable for national and international dissemination. Further relevant information related to the project are available at

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Ágnes Dobókői
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