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Wild soul of Europe

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia and the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, on the initiative of the Embassy of Montenegro in Belgrade, and in cooperation with the Tourist Organisation of Serbia and the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, have created this unique tourist offer.
The programmes presented in this brochure are based on the specific natural and cultural heritage of Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia.
The aim of this joint tourism product is to promote regional cooperation in the field of tourism, to achieve greater recognition for the region, to extend the tourist season and to ensure the better presentation of tourist programmes on third markets.
The seven tours presented in this brochure were developed by the two Chambers with the idea of addressing a wide range of tourists, thus the offer includes some tough adventurous experiences, hiking, cycling, off-road jeep tours, traditional dishes and wine tasting etc.
This brochure is confirmation that tourism is well-recognised as an important instrument of regional cooperation and a powerful catalyst for the European integration process. We are confident that our joint tourist product will enrich the tourism offer as a whole, with consideration for all of our peculiarities, specificities and diversities.
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