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VET Trainers' Guide on SSE

The VET Trainers' Guide introduces the SSE occupational area in the CVET system. It is a manual that is of particular need for trainers in the field. It provides trainers with knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies that will enable them to effectively prepare curricula, specific modules, assessment and training evaluation on Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) topics. Furthermore, it examines suitable methodologies according to a needs' assessment in the field. Therefore, it will give trainers the background competencies to provide SSE training and technical assistance to social entrepreneurs’ communities, as well as to other relevant stakeholders.

It will actively facilitate learning by applying what is known about how the trainer/trainee experience is implemented, given that knowledge of how to work with SSE organisations is essential to effective training and mentoring in the field. The mentoring process involves knowledge acquisition, application, and reflective supervision.

The guide will describe a collaborative learning relationship between SSE and their trainers and mentors, who share mutual responsibility and accountability for helping a trainee work towards achieving clear and mutually defined learning goals.

Furthermore, a crucial aspect of the guide will be a competence-based checklist for trainers on SSE, which includes two different types of competences:

  • competences associated with the training of adults and
  • competences associated with the theme of social entrepreneurship.

The Guide has been developed within the EmploySSE Erasmus+ project (2019-1-EL01-KA202-062479) and as such, has been co-funded by the European Commission (Greek National Agency IKY).

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