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Validation of Non-formal and Informal Learning

Certification - the release of relevant documents on education confirms that the learning outcomes - knowledge, skills and abilities that a person has acquired through formal, non-formal or informal forms of education and learning checked and confirmed by the competent authority / authorities, in accordance with established criteria and standards .

After completion of formal adult education programs: primary and secondary education or their individual parts, and training and retraining, education and training, the participants are issued public documents - certificates and diplomas that have the same validity as certificates obtained during regular education, or public certificates valid on completed training programs. The names, the form and content of public documents acquired in the adult education system are regulated by law and / or by-laws.

Adult education in a craft and related activities / unincorporated, as well as the issuance of (name, content and form) documents acquired by passing the master's exams are regulated by the regulations in the field of adult education and / or regulations on crafts / unincorporated businesses. Participants of informal education programs, after completion of the program and verifying the knowledge, skills and abilities, organizer of education about issues certificate / certificate / other document that is not a public document. If after the end of the informal program was not checking the knowledge, skills and abilities, but it might issue certificates or other documents that do not have the status of public documents but from which it is evident that they were members of a particular program of informal education, and the acquisition of which knowledge, skills and abilities it was foreseen in the program.

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