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Urban Gardening

Urban gardens are expanding around the world to encourage local production and consumption, social inclusion, dialogue and the adoption of a sustainable way of life. Indeed, whatever its shape, its size, each of them seeks the achievement of common objectives: social, educational, ecological, aesthetic, fun. Thus, they implement participative practices in their design, management and mode of operation.

This toolkit targeted at any people or organization eager to use urban gardening as an educational tool. 7 European countries have designed this toolkit in which are presented useful keys to develop transversal skills by taking urban garden as a support. Because you learn by gardening, creating a composter, exchanging with your neighbor, getting rich reading technical documents. The tools offer help, ways of doing things that will enrich the garden and its users. This is not an exhaustive guide but a proposal for a process that everyone will have to adapt to their environment and to the public for whom the garden is intended. Indeed, each garden is unique because it responds to particular requests. This toolkit aims to propose an approach that will allow different actors to create an urban garden, revitalize it, taking into account the diversity of individuals, groups and gardens.

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Maria Karkowska , Krzysztof Karkowski, Eleni Papargyri, Fausto Amico, Simone Indovina,Magdalina Benina,Niocola Benin, Iliyana Benina,Benedicte Liaigre, Francoise Roudiere , Emilie Ferrer , Christine Denjean, Meriç Tahan , Nilay Yilmaz , Fatma Büşra Algeç,
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