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Universities UK Framework for supporting higher education senior teams to develop a whole university approach to mental health

Universities UK is a registered charity led by member universities that aims to maximise the positive impact for students and the public, both in the UK and globally, through teaching, research and scholarship. Universities UK prioritises offering opportunities, measuring impact, building trust, maintaining a global outlook and supporting autonomous decisions among UK universities. 

The organisation has recognised a need to improve mental health in higher education and that this requires engaged leadership at every level. A whole university approach is needed in order to develop a strategic mental health and wellbeing policy as a priority, with a focus on addressing any structural and system related barriers. To allow universities to reach their potential, Universities UK have created a framework. 

The framework considers: the role of leadership; the need to use data to inform decisions; how to prepare staff to best offer support; how to prevent mental health issues among students and organise early intervention strategies; how to provide adequate support; how to best facilitate students during transition periods from home to university and from university into employment; and different kinds of partnerships with other organisations that can benefit the establishment of a mental health strategy. 

The framework can be accessed on the Universities UK website here. The website also contains other useful information, including details about the charity, relevant research and a checklist.

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