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Understanding Reading for Pleasure for emerging adult readers

Reading has been central to the work of NRDC over the last ten years. In our research and development work we have been able to talk to adults about their practices and attitudes to reading, we have explored the difficulties faced by adults in learning to read and we have looked at effective teaching and learning of reading in the classroom, identifying promising practice.

In recent years, in collaboration with the Reading Agency, NIACE and Quick Reads, we have focused specifically on reading for pleasure, particularly at Entry level. Now NRDC has carried out new research into reading for pleasure in the context of adult reading groups of emerging readers. The research, designed to inform the launch of the new set of Quick Reads in 2013, has enabled us to ask what reading for pleasure means, what people gain from reading and why they might benefit from reading in groups. This is a report of a small-scale piece of qualitative research that addresses those questions from the perspective of the adult emergent reader.

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Dr. Sam Duncan, NRDC
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Studies and Reports
United Kingdom
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