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Transformative learning, which was put forward in 1978 from Mezirow, emerged as a theoretical requirement in adult education and Mezirow intended to build an integration in the field theoretically. Transformative learning is not the only source to avail of and has great beneficiary features. Transformative learning is learning of individuals to question one selves about their assumptions, beliefs, feelings, and perspectives on purpose. It is expected that an individual having a transformative process to transform their beliefs, assumptions and experiences into new expressive perspectives. Having experience is not enough to have an effect upon transformation. The valuable one is not the experience itself but the critical reflection made upon experiences. The purpose of transformative learning is liberalization of an individual and freethinking. Transformative learning which one avail to have an autonomous mentality to discuss, instead of accepting others’ opinions unconditionally, is the essence of adult education. In this perspective, it is presumed to be effective in the development of education system in the field and applications.

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R. Cengiz AKÇAY
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