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Training programmes and curricula enhancing women's political participation

Innovative training programmes were prepared by all the partners of GEPLE Startegic Partnership Erasmus+ project " Empowerment through education - gender equality and political leadership" and created according to the definition of a new female politician profile discussed within the partner exchange. They are tailored to different target groups, published in electronic Platform GEPLE. 


1.How to build up and create network?

Description: Today it is important to work in networks. But do you know how to work in relevant networks and what types of network do you need? How can you use networks for promoting your idea or political message? Do you need tools to built up your own network? By Brand Sofi.

2.How to Efficiently Break a Glass Ceiling in Politics?

Flexible training programme intended for trainers working with women politicians and women political aspirants. The aim of the training programme is to empower politically active women; to provide them with information about current under-representation of women in politics and its causes. At the same time the core of the programme is focused on soft skills in order to boost participants' confidence, teach them how to deal with manipulative behaviour and how to present themselves and their achievements.It was created within GEPLE project by Czech organization Fórum 50%.

3.How to achieve electoral success, or ABC Election campaign?

Training is aimed at candidates in the election includes training in the creation of election tactics, plan and program of the campaign, defining the campaign theme, slogans, ways of contact with voters, preparing a campaign calendar, creating and functioning of the Election Staff, campaigning from door to door, acquiring funds for the campaign, creating narrations supporting campaign planning. The training includes tips in the creation of election tactics, defining the theme of the campaign, ways of contact with voters, drawing up a campaign calendar, running a campaign from door to door.

4.How to be a woman in politics?

The series of workshops preparing women for the local election campaign are based on the methodology of strengthening, preparing candidates for upcoming events not only in the area of knowledge about the rules of functioning of public institutions, but also in the area of raising awareness and developing individual potential.

5.Training program "More women in self-government".

Training program for women candidates in local government elections, for leaders of political parties, local decision-makers. The program aims to effectively increase the participation of women in the decision-making process in the context of the upcoming local elections in 2018.

Accessible in English and Polish. 

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Active Women Association, Anti-discrimination Education Association /Poland/, Brand-Sofi /Finland/, Women for Election /Ireland/, Forum 50% /Czechia/.
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