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Theories and Theorems of the In-Company Continuing Vocational Training in Germany

First, the text provides a definition of the subject area of the in-service training (in-company continuing vocational training). Unfortunately, in-service training is rarely seen as an educational field of activity, where the public joint responsibility and active participation provide important regulatory frameworks beyond market radicalization and market failure. A series of different theories and theorems are classified based on a tripartite multi-level model. Although there is no theory of in-company continuing vocational training, a variety of approaches with different explanatory potential are intensively used in the continuing education research. Nevertheless, there is a need for further consolidation and development of the theory-based and above all andragogic studies in an interdisciplinary research and activity field.

Bernd Käpplinger, PhD is Professor of Continuing Education at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany (

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Bernd Käpplinger
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