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Teaching Methodology of ISEV courses

The objective of these methodological proposal is to promote processes of socialtransformations, and doing it with the "groups engines "and" action sets "according tothe strategies that then they are raised. The specific circumstances of each place aregoing to be those that determine what form the process is going to take, and whatmeans we have for it. However, there are common criteria applicable in most of thecases, that these groups must be willing to use.The tools developed and adopted for ISEV implementation are, as far as possible,multipurpose. In fact, they should serve more than one target group and have qualitiesto impact both the participation in lifelong learning and the quality of the senioreducation. This is the case, for example, of the Questionnaires distributed to adultlearners and linked to adult education which, while asking for opinions on thecharacteristics learning process, also informed the target groups about the differenttypes of learning and on the concept of "learning outcomes" as a unit of the impact ofthe activity.“Asking what method to use for a training program is like asking a physician whatinstrument to use for surgery. It all depends on the nature of the operation”.Recognition, validation and accreditation is a key tool to promote Adult LearningEducation, putting the learner in the center of the process, encouraging more flexiblelearning and creating a more comprehensive understanding of competences.

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