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Talking about human rights through fairy tales

The European Erasmus+ KA204 project Rights No 2019-1-IT02-KA204-063346 ( promotes active citizenship of elderly people by creating a bridge between generations based on raising awareness of social and human rights as the foundation of the rules, their respect, their defense and promotion in educational contexts, with innovative pedagogical methods, those of fairy tales in a suitcase.

Panevezys district education center, Lithuania ( prepared the project OUTPUT 1 HANDBOOK "Talking about human rights through fairy tales".

These rights were chosen because in historical periods the people of Lithuania did not have such rights as the inviolability of personal dignity, the right to education or the right to freely choose a job. Through the activities of the project, we wanted to remind the children of the history of Lithuania and emphasize how the rights changed and how important they are in the lives of citizens.

List of the rights:

  • right to education - introduced through Kursiukas;
  • right to name and nationality - introduced through Pinocchio;
  • right to practice one's own culture, language and religion - introduced through Don Quixote;
  • right to freedom of thought - introduced through Don Quixote;
  • right to work ­- introduced through Don Quixote.
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Jurgita Vaitiekuniene, Asta Klydžiene
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Case Study
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