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A Study on Structures to support Continuous Learning – International Benchlearning

The study will result in an up-to-date picture of how Finland's main peer countries in matters of high technology have reacted to the upheaval that has taken place in work by organising the structures and funding of continuous learning. The purpose of the study was to draft descriptions of structures and procedures in continuous learning in five peer countries. The peer countries selected for the study were Denmark, Ireland, South Korea, The Netherlands, and Singapore (appendices 1-5). The study does not include a description of structures and procedures that support continuous learning in Finland.

In the study recommendations were also drafted on how Finland could learn from other countries. Several countries have been looking for ways to develop different approaches to the mixed funding of continuous learning as well as approaches to supporting the possibilities of individuals to learn through the introduction of models involving education accounts and vouchers of various kinds. In Finland it would be useful to try the development of similar funding structures and to link funding more closely to the learner. In addition, Finland should support the introduction of innovations that utilise digital technology, such as the introduction of platforms that are open to all. More attention should be paid in Finland to closer cooperation between educational institutions and business and industry. Finland would need a long-term national strategy for continuous learning as well as an implementation structure to support it. Support for continuous learning should be seriously taken into consideration in the upcoming social security reform.

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Olli Oos
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