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Study of key competences integration in minor/juvenile offenders' education

This Study is one of the products of My Compass Project with the main focus on identifying the needs of the target groups in the partner countries, regarding key competencies integration in minor/juvenile offender’s education, unsolved training needs at detention/correction system level, with focus on VET offers and the characteristics of the existing European innovations on the issue of key competency based VET education and main players which could be involved in the project.The study is very innovative and a power instrument, because of the reasons:1. Based evidence practice – every partner did a research – desk and field research2. Five different realities are analysed in the report, regarding penal system for minors (with regards to key competences) in Romania, Cyprus, Malta, Lithuania and Portugal3. Final report can be useful not only for prison system, but also for other system that is focused on key competences in order to increase chance of social inclusion for the beneficiaries.

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