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Stories for learning social skills for children with autism - I live healthy

"It is OK" is the name of a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme that aims to contribute to building, strengthening and creating the skills of teachers who work with children from the autism spectrum. This project includes 4 partners from 3 different countries:

• Elementary school "Anton Skala" - Belgrade, Serbia - coordinator

• Association of Serbian Organisations for Helping People with Autism - Serbia

• Center for Autism - Croatia

• CSOP "Dr. Peter Beron" - Bulgaria

The project teams agreed to post two stories on the project website on a weekly basis. The goal is to enable community members who work directly with children with autism to download stories and use them to make it easier for children to function on a daily basis.

Story for learning social skills in the field of health called "I LIVE HEALTHY" can be found on the project website

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