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STARS Online Platform

STARS Online Platform (O3) - an OER (open education resource) which allows for all other outputs to be used after the end of the project. The innovative aspect of the platform is with regard to its format, content, as well as the plans for its future development. It is available in 4 languages Slovak, Czech, Bulgarian and English and consist of 10 sections- chapters. 1. Constellations, 2. Motion of Celestial Bodies, 3. Newton's Law of Gravitation, 4. Space Exploration, 5. Solar System, 6. Galactic Neighbourhood, 7. Sun and the Stars, 8. Milky Way and Other Galaxies, 9. The Universe, 10. Observatories. Each chapter includes theory, practical exercises, training program and additional materials. It is available at

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project STARS team
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Open Educational Resources
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