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STARS Methodological Handbook for Teachers

The STARS Methodological Handbook – English version is an online resource for teachers teaching astronomy related subjects at lower secondary education to equip them with relevant methods and techniques on how to make topics interesting, easy to grasp and develop students critical thinking, analytical and abstract reasoning It consists of 10 chapters: 1. Constellations, 2. Motion of Celestial Bodies, 3. Newton's Law of Gravitation, 4. Space Exploration, 5. Solar System, 6. Galactic Neighbourhood, 7. Sun and the Stars, 8. Milky Way and Other Galaxies, 9. The Universe, 10. Observatories. Each chapter is structured as follows: theory and practical exercises. Practical exercises for a pupil are also equipped with methodological explanation for teachers and key to exercises. The STARS Methodological Handbook is available electronically at project platform:

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PhDr. Ing. Ota Kéhar, Ph.D.; RNDr. Miroslav Randa, Ph.D.; PhDr. Václav Kohout, Ph.D.; Bc. Pavel Kůs; Mgr. Lukáš Richterech, Ph.D.; doc. RNDr. Jan Šlégr, Ph.D.; Jakub Vošmera, BA (Hons), MMath; Antoaneta Antonova, Assoc. Prof.; Valeri Golev, Assoc. Prof.;
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Open Educational Resources
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