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Six Country Guide for Migrant Entrepreneurs (VET4MIGRE)

This report is written for migrant entrepreneurs and includes 6 mondules: Soft Skills; Creativity and Innovation; Business Plan; Community and Marketing; E-business and Online Marketing; Customer Service. In this report you will also see national legislation that is key to navigating before and while you operate your business (for Demark, Italy, Greece, Spain and Bulgaria), along with, lists of relevant, country specific organizations for you, a migrant or refugee entrepreneur.

An IntroductionWith the understanding that entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for driving economic growth, nurturing new skills and capabilities, and creating jobs among migrant and refugee populations, we offer the following “Guide for Migrant Entrepreneurs.” This guide is a both a training tool and reference source, with a collection of cutting-edge tips, advice, exercises, legislation, and more, all contributing to supporting migrants and refugees with information so that they can transfer their skills into self-employment.

The European Commission recognises that migrants make up an important number of potential entrepreneurs, but that they face specific legal, cultural and linguistic barriers. In this project, we aim to support the creation, improvement and wider dissemination of support schemes for migrants and refugees. We recognise that it is important to develop new, creative and long-term strategies to allow refugee and migrant populations to adapt, integrate and become positive citizens in their host countries, and to support their smooth transition into the job market by offering training and mentoring opportunities to become self-employed.

The Guide is designed to help start-ups identify any potential issues they might face when conducting business in Europe and beyond, using online tools, and to ensure they get off on the right foot from the very start. It is also a learning resource which businesses can use regardless of the country from which they operate. However, it contains specific chapters with information based on each partner country in the project: Spain, Denmark, Italy, Greece, and Bulgaria. In these chapters, we ensure the Guide contains relevant information about the legal issues and support available for migrant and refugee entrepreneurs. It is expected that the guide will help start-ups to gain valuable insight into using a range of online marketing tools, thus fostering entrepreneurial growth across the continent through e-commerce activities.

The guide is created with the structure of a training tool, highlighting the key topics under the following module headings: soft skills for entrepreneurs; creativity and innovation; business plan; communication and marketing; ebusiness and online marketing; customer service. These modules are followed by national legislation and finally case studies and exercises, to use and practice the knowledge gained.

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