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SIAE Newsletter Summer 2018 is out in a new image

We invite you to read the summer edition of SIAE Newsletter in English, in which we report to partners worldwide on the SIAE projects and present the activities of adult education and lifelong learning in Slovenia. This year we have changed the image, so you can read, share and comment articles online in  English.

Are you interested in which professional events and projects marked the first half of this year, whose publications we published, what was happening in the 23rd Lifelong Learning Week? You can find all about this and more in the content-rich summer edition in English (SIAE Newsletter Summer 2018). 

We will be happy if you share the SIAE newsletter with your foreign partners. We wish you a pleasant reading! 

If you wish to receive the SIAE Newsletter twice a year, you are invited to subscribe on

You can find the archive of English newsletters here.

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