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SELFIE, adult learning and non-formal learning

SELFIE is developed in reference to educational organisations or institutions. According to the foundational publication on SELFIE, Promoting Effective Digital-Age Learning, “the term educational organisation refers primarily to primary, secondary and VET schools as well as higher education institutions such as Universities, University Colleges and Polytechnics.”5 The programmes provided by these educational organisations are programmes that lead to certificates and a qualification that carry rights in terms of access to further studies and access to the labour market. These programmes have clearly defined learning objectives (and learning outcomes); have curricula and explicitly defined modes of delivery. Even when it comes to apprenticeships, these programmes lead to formal qualifications. All in all, SELFIE is modelled primarily to formal learning contexts. This short report aims at exploring how SELFIE relates to adult learning and non-formal learning. SELFIE is not yet specifically designed for non-formal learning contexts. This however does not mean that the SELFIE approach and the questionnaire is not applicable. This pre-feasibility study tries to prepare the ground for a thorough analysis of this issue by clarifying concepts and conduct a small consultation among stakeholders in the non-formal learning context. It is not the intention to define exhaustively concepts in this report, but identify issues that would need to be taken into account in a potential feasibility study on the applicability of SELFIE in non-formal learning.

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