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Safeguarding Against Internet Crime Experienced By Adults With Intellectual Disability. Case Studies.

People with intellectual disabilities are using the internet, and they do so in an increasingly confident and competent manner. This development certainly is to be welcomed – however, the internet also poses certain threats: Cyber crime is widespread, and people with intellectual disabilities are especially prone to becoming victims.

The publication “Safeguarding against internet crime experienced by adults with intellectual disability. Case studies” was created in the context of the project “Be.Safe – Educational support for persons with intellectual disability suffering internet crime and violence”, which is financed by the Erasmus+ programme.

The project partners have collected case studies demonstrating examples of situations in which persons with intellectual disabilities can become or actually became victims of internet crime including cyber violence. The case studies include interviews with the concerned persons, and comments of psychologists and police officers.

The case studies can serve as a resource to teachers, trainers, therapists, social workers and others working with people with intellectual disabilities. They can show them how to support people with intellectual disabilities in avoiding becoming victims of cybercrime. They are also a valuable resource when it comes to recognizing that a person has become victim of internet crime and being able to offer the appropriate support thereafter.  

The publication is available in English, Czech, French, Macedonian, Polish and Portuguese on the project website.

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