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Road Map for the Implementation of the National Adult Learning Agenda

Albania is in a continuous process of approaching the European Union (EU), adapting the current systems and establishing new systems in line with the EU policies, principles and criteria. In this context, reforming of Adult Education is considered as a high priority intervention of the Albanian Government political agenda. There is no doubt that being part of the EU require a labour force that is well prepared and competitive in a regionalized and globalized world. Recently, significant changes in the legislation and institutional frame have positively contributed to improve the pre-conditions for real changes of Adult Education system and Adult Learning process that still need active measures to be in place. Apart from the internal resources, considerable contributions and resources are provided by external actors, EU initiatives in particular, as a clear guarantee for sustainability of the reforming changes. The European Union have launched and supported several regional initiatives to develop Adult Learning concepts and mechanisms that operate in an international and national context, such as European Programs for Education and Youth (Erasmus+), European Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) and European Agenda for Adult Learning (AL-AGENDA) The National Agency for Vocational Education, Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ) as the National Coordinator for Adult Learning Agenda and as well National Support Service for EPALE in Albania, is playing a leading role in the implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning through a specific project that aims:

(i) to steer an action of support and promotion on adult learning nationally;

(ii) to strengthen the inter-institutional coordination, participation and policy debate;

(iii) to generate a better understanding on the needs and benefits of adults learning;

(iv) to promote and raise awareness among beneficiaries of Adult Learning;

(v) to improve capacity at NAVETQ to drive policy change and interventions in the system of skills and training delivery.


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National Agency of Vocational Education Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ) of Albania
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