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Research report Profile of Adult Learning Professionals in Correctional Criminal Justice System

In a constantly changing environment, lifelong learning is essential for the understanding of the world, for accessing more and better opportunities and for improving the quality of life. In this context, learning is no longer limited to formal education in a certain period of time, but it is a continuous process, which helps people to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes throughout their entire lifespan. Although lifelong learning is

a voluntary and deliberate act and it’s responsibility is attributed to the person, the complex nature of this process can’t be denied, and several European studies have acknowledged the diversity of the adult learning domain.

Built on the experience and results of previous European projects and research, EIS ALP partnership brings together public and private institutions involved in prison education. The partners have practical experience in research, development of programs and training courses, in the delivery of trainings for adult learners and in working inside a correctional setting. Within the project, the concept “adult learning professionals” encompasses not only teachers, but also educators, psychologists, social workers and volunteers of different professions, thus the competence profile will target generic and specific competences for all this professionals. Through this, the project aims towards an enhanced diversity and complexity of competences regarding adult learning professionals and addresses a wider variety of professionals.

Findings from the research regarding competence identification, modelling and assessment, conducted during the EIS-ALP project 539414-LLP-1-2013-1-RO-GRUNDTVIG-GMP.

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