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ERASMUS+ internship in Munich, Germany, 2019

In ZSZ nr. 1 in Działdowo  there is opportunity to do a 3-week internship in one of the EU countries.

These are ERASMUS+ internships, which are funded by the EU.

We, six interns, wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and applied for the trip in May 2019. After we were accepted, we set off for Munich. We were accommodated in a hostel, near the center of Munich.

In the first few days, we were given a tour of the city and school to learn about the German school system and the city of Munich. On the third day after our arrival, we went to our internship for the first time.

During our internships, we all had the opportunity learn a lot of new things, and by interacting with our fellow students, I learned a lot about the German culture and traditions here.

We used our weekends for private excursions. Among other things, we visited the BMW Museum and some interesting places in Austria.

For all of us, this internship abroad was a special experience working abroad, living there for four weeks and experiencing the culture of the country. In addition, we had the chance to improve our English and make contacts abroad.

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Aleksander Gadomski
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