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Remote Learning, Distance Education and Online Learning During the COVID19 Pandemic : A Resource List by the World Bank's Edtech Team (English)

The selection of resources and platforms that you will find here has been elaborated in order to facilitate the rapid identification of helpful technological solutions that could be used to support remote learning. The list provided here is not meant to be comprehensive, however, the selection has been driven by prioritizing resources and solutions that are free (or freemium), offline friendly or are available in more than one language (especially beyond, English). This list offers a glimpse of the kind of solutions that can be incorporated to support remote learning for different contexts, levels of connectivity, levels of education or subject. A growing list of repositories, selection of online libraries and compilation of educational resources, reading materials, lesson plans has been compiled here. You can also find here some of the initiatives adopted by different countries to deliver content and textbooks to the student (and parents).

If you are looking for resources that can be used in environments with limited or no Internet access, you can select those resources that are categorized as "offline" (meaning that after downloading them you can use it in environments of no connectivity or does not require connectivity to use, as in the case of analog television resources). In addition, when some platforms are categorized in terms of interaction, the distinction between synchronous and asynchronous might be of help.

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