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Providing learning experience and supporting tools for those who wish to deliver effective prison education

EIS-ALP (European Induction Support for Adult Learning Professionals) is a dynamic and innovative partnership funded by the European Union under its Grundtvig Lifelong Learning programme. It has brought together a group of active European partners from both private and public sectors each with specific experience of the adult learning sector in custody. This two years and a half project is focussed on improving the content and delivery of adult education in a prison setting and ultimately improving the outcomes for learners in prison across the European Union.

Reaching the final phases of the project, EISALP team has created a number of resources available on-line (on a dedicated platform) and off-line (downloadable from the project website and printed available at the project partners). There are two main groups targeted:

  • Teachers for adults (already working or in the final stages of training) that are interested in finding out about the prison settings, the rules and regulations, the specificity of prison learners, etc.
  • Teachers’ trainers, that are interested in delivering initial training or CDP on prison education concepts.

By the end of the project materials will be available in English, Romanian, Maltese, Portuguese and Slovenian.

As a teaser to all interested adult educators, we will present a few extracts from one of our modules, Specific literature regarding prison education, available on the dedicated platform of the project.

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Daiane Huber - CPIP
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