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Positive Compass

The Compass provides changemakers and educators with a transformational set of principles.

The methodology brings to life five life-affirming principles (5Ps): People, Planet, Partners and Places with Purpose at the core.

This is the future of business going beyond ESG and certifications. 

Future proof your business now and be ahead of the curve by adopting the compass.

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Impact thought leaders guide.
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The future has a voice and is calling us all as educators.

These tool kits we developed provide a holistic solution to the biggest problem facing humanity - an economic system built on extraction and exploitation. 

Positive was founded in 2020 to answer this call. The founder realising that we are facing an historic moment drove Stephen and Niels to see that in a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous world, changemakers need a compass to navigate safely to build a better future. 

With degrowth mindsets in a monetary economy ways to steer effect change are here. Lets deploy them.

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