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PA Consulting – Innovation Matters Report

PA Consulting has released a report focusing on the importance of innovation in business. With many organisations responding to their survey claiming that they will not survive without innovation and with those organisations that do harness innovative approaches driving substantial revenue growth, PA Consulting has created the report to act as a guide for businesses that need to make innovation a priority. The report will be beneficial to a range of organisations and can be shared with colleagues and leadership to educate staff on the need for innovative approaches to working. 

The report covers many important topics, including the future and the need to anticipate developments, how to support innovation in your organisation, how to create an innovative culture in the workplace and how to build a network for innovation. It also includes sections containing critical questions worth asking and facts relating to other leaders and their experiences. There is guidance on adapting rules and taking a more relaxed approach to processes, which generally provides a better and more encouraging environment for innovation. 

Businesses and organisations can use the report as a guidance document to help them create an innovation-friendly atmosphere in their workplaces. It will be most beneficial for leaders and senior management, but can be shared with the full workforce to ensure everyone has the right approach to innovation.

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