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Output 3 EUMentorSTEM Learner’s Kit European Comparative Report

The objective of the Intellectual Output 3 of the EUMentorSTEM project was to assist the career progression of migrant women with a STEM background through mentoring and coaching which aims to develop their soft skills and competencies. Therefore, a training programme was organised by all partner countries to meet the specific needs of the target audience. The methodology for this project has been built on Mentoring Circles™, which was developed by Inova Consultancy and has been adapted to EUMentoring in order to suit the needs of migrant women with a background in STEM. Since 2001, this methodology has been successfully utilised to support women facing difficulties, including migrant women, those with disabilities and learning difficulties and those who were unemployed or underemployed. The IO3 of the EUMentorSTEM project aims to support migrant women with STEM studies and job experience to develop transversal competences. Moreover, the project aims to provide practical information regarding employment prospects, career advancement, and possibilities for self-employment in order to encourage participants to fulfil their potential in European labour markets.Each partner country organised two pilots during October 2018 to March 2019. Each partner was expected to recruit 5 participants who would attend the three sessions for each pilot. In total, 60 migrant women with a background in STEM were involved by the project partners during the two pilot trainings.This report outlines the process and impact of the pilot trainings from a comparative perspective. For details on the trainings carried out in Greece, Hungary, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom, see the Annexes.

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