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Open Virtual Mobility Learning Hub

The Open Virtual Mobility project (abbreviated: OpenVM) is a three year (2017-2020) strategic partnership for innovation and the exchange of good practices funded by the European Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. This brochure present the Open Virtual Mobility project and the key output of the project – the Open Virtual Mobility Learning Hub, an online learning environment for the development, assessment and recognition of virtual mobility skills in higher education. 

The OpenVM Learning Hub is a multilingual online learning environment which promotes collaborative learning, connectivist social networking as an instructional method, OERs as content type, and open digital credentials  for recognition and validation competencies. It provides a user-friendly interface including a mobile interface to encourage all learners to access the hub easily, engage in a variety of open learning activities, and connect with other users and develop their OpenVM competencies.

The OpenVM Learning Hub hosts a set of eight mini-MOOCs, in each of the eight competency areas. Each mini-MOOC is dedicated to a specific competency cluster needed for successful engagement in virtual mobility. In each mini-MOOC the learner can study at one of three levels: Foundations, Intermediate and Advanced (see sections below for more information).

The OpenVM Learning Hub also includes a repository of Open Educational Resources, which is also available at the project website

Additionally, the OpenVM Learning Hub offers a marketplace in which students and teachers can share information about their own offers with others and look for available virtual mobilities, as well as open virtual mobility activities and programs. 

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