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Office for Students 2019-2020 Report – Financial sustainability of higher education providers in England

The Office for Students is a regulatory body that ensures education providers in the UK are financially viable and sustainable. It has produced a report that provides the financial results and forecasts submitted to it by providers in 2018, finding that the sector as a whole is in a relatively good financial position.


OfS closely monitors providers throughout the year – particularly those that may not meet their growth targets and require a revisit to their projected costs. Although OfS predicts a dip in financial performance 2019-2020, this is expected to improve thereafter. Ambitious forecasts are likely due to the majority of providers expecting to see an increase in student numbers from all global regions (UK, EU and other overseas locations).


The report was published in April 2019 and will still be of relevance till April 2020, when the release of a new report is expected.


The report will be most beneficial for education providers in the UK, particularly leaders and senior staff.




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