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National Strategy On Achieving Equal Rights for the Persons with Disabilities in the Republic of Macedonia

The development of the National Strategy on Achieving Equal Rights for the Persons with Disabilities in the Republic of Macedonia is based on European and national legislation and on the Standard Rules for Equalisation of the Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.Our country:

* Calls upon the International Standards on Human Rights, contained in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the International Agreement on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the International Agreement on Civilian and Political Rights – they all proclaim rights for all people, without any discrimination;

* Calls upon the Convention on the Rights on the Child, which prohibits any disability based discrimination and requires introduction of special measures for ensuring the rights of the child with disabilities, as well as the International Convention on Protection of the Rights of all Immigration Workers and their Families, which insists on protective measures for the persons with disabilities;  Calls upon the Provisions from the Agreement on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, in order to ensure the rights of girls and women with disabilities;

* Takes into consideration the Declaration on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded People, the Declaration on Social Progress and Development(11), the Principles on Protection of the People with Mental 2 Diseases and on Improvement of the Mental Health Care(12), as well as other relevant documents passed by the General Assembly;

* Calls upon the Agreements and recommendations accepted by International Worker’s Organisations, with special emphasis on the employment of persons with disabilities without any discrimination;

* Takes into consideration the recommendations and the activities of the Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisations of the United Nations, especially the World’s Declaration on Education for all people, the World Health Organisation, the United Nations Children’s Fund and other organisations;

* Complying with the commitment made by all countries concerning environment protection;

* Knows about the destruction made by wars and disapproves of the use of dangerous materials for production of weapons;  Recognises that the World’s Program of Activities that refer to persons with disabilities and it’s definitions for equalisation of the opportunities represents a most sincere wish of the International Community to apply all those International documents and recommendations and to give them practical significance and value;

* Accepts the fact that the objectives of the United Nations Decade for Persons with Disabilities (1983 – 1992) concerning the implementation of the World’s Program of Activities is still valid and calls for continuous action;

* Recognises that the World’s Program of Activities is based upon concepts that are the same in both underdeveloped and industrialised countries.

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