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“MTA’s Erasmus Plus Programme KA1 for VET Staff: Social Media and Digital Marketing for the Tourism Sector - The Importance of European Projects”

The TOURISM_DIG_SKILLS_IN_MALT Project is an Erasmus Plus KA1 Project for VET Staff which has seen the participation of 51 key people from businesses within the Tourism Sector and Quality Assured by the Malta Tourism Authority, especially Local Restaurants, Visitor Attractions and Destination Management Companies. This project organised by the Malta Tourism Authority and fully funded by the EU Commission through the Erasmus Plus Funding 2014-2020 ends in May 2020.

All participants completed a one-week traineeship programme in Rome, Italy, hosted by Sweb Srl, a private company with an expertise on Digital Skills and primarily on Web Marketing, SEO and SEM strategies and Social Media Marketing. The traineeships were held in January and February 2019 and January and February 2020.

Three main areas were covered during the participants’ Work-Based Learning in Digital Skills:


Through this work-based learning, the participants learned how to optimize E-mail Marketing Campaigns to attract more clients and visitors and promote their business through this professional and effective tool.


Through this work-based learning, the participants focused on Video Publishing and Promotion whilst learning how to use the basic tools to promote their business through a video.


Through this work-based learning, the participants focused on the new trends in digitalmarketing with a focus on the promotion strategies through Social Media Marketing.The Malta Tourism Authority is actively promoting European projects since these providea valuable opportunity to exchange best practices and knowledge with other countries andentities around Europe.

Johann Buttigieg, Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Tourism Authority, emphasised the importance of EU Funded projects in general and particularly those that relate to training. “Tourism is a people’s industry, where success depends on the skills and competencies of the workforce. In this regard, MTA believes that the training of employees at every level is of utmost importance and is a key component of our overall strategy.”

The CEO of Sweb Srl, Mrs. Simona Leone, praised the project stating: “The participants from Malta brought a new stream of ideas, interests and ways of handling online marketing and promotion of their businesses, and they showed the dedication and passion for their job and an eagerness to promote their country whilst providing the best services to their clients, guests and tourists visiting Malta.”

About the QHRD Unit:

The Quality and Industry Human Resource Development Unit will be responsible for the project. The Unit is responsible for the development of national human resources development initiatives for the tourism industry. This is done through promoting a service culture with the industry thereby raising service standards; through building a strong relationship with employment, education and training institutions and also through EU funded projects related to human resources.

About the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA):

The mission of the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) is to advance the economic and social activity of tourism in the national interest, by working with stakeholders to develop a sustainable industry based on innovation, competitivity and quality. The functions of the MTA are:

• To promote and advance Malta as a tourism destination;• To advise Government on tourism operations and to issue licenses under the Tourism Act;• To monitor, classify and control licensing of, and standards provided in or by tourism operations;• To contribute towards the improvement of the level of human resources in the tourism industry;• To advise Government on the planning and development of the tourism industry as well as on the infrastructure;supporting the tourism industry;• To assist and advise Government on any matter relating to or affecting tourism and to undertake and organise; andsuch activities and projects as it may consider appropriate in connection with the performance of its functions.

For more information, please contact:The Public Relations Department - MTATel.: +356 22915000Email: pr@visitmalta.comOr visit our website:

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