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Motivation for lifelong learning

A large group of people are not sufficiently educated to get jobs or function properly as citizens, a fact which has been substantiated in one study after the other.

It is not that campaigns or educational opportunities have been lacking, but those kinds of opportunities cannot solve the problem alone because a good portion of the people in question cannot find the proper motivation they need to overcome the limitations they have due to their lack of education.

How can they discover or rediscover the motivation they need to get an education? That is the great question society faces.

The study used in this report has part of the answer. That is what Steen Elsborg and Steen Høyrup Pedersen discovered through non-formal adult education.

It is not a quick-fix. Nor is it a model that all schools can just apply without further ado, but rather, it is a structured approach to what works and helps motivate people.

In contrast to many others, Elsborg and Høyrup Pedersen refuse to provide stopgap solutions. The problems are complex and therefore require complex solutions, solutions which they have discovered.

As Elsborg and Høyrup Pedersen write: ” The desire to learn is the key competence of the future. It is therefore essential that there is an awareness within non-formal adult education to further develop its obvious potential for creating and strengthening the motivation to learn within the population.

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