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MOOC for Nordic Education for Teachers in the Field of Basic Skills for Adults - a feasibility study

MOOC is an abbreviation for Massive Open Online Course. These open online courses are aimed at an unlimited number of students – anyone can join and no formal requirements are imposed.

In the spring of 2014 a workgroup with the title “MOOC for Nordic Education for Teachers of Basic Skills for Adults’” was established on the initiative of the Nordic Network for Adult Learning, NVL. The task of the workgroup was to investigate if and how NVL should establish a MOOC-based option to strengthen the competences of Nordic adult teachers with a special focus on the basic literacy of adult immigrants.

The workgroup was established in cooperation between NVL’s network for distance learning (hereafter Distans) Alfarĺdet, the Nordic Adult Literacy Network and the European Basic Skills Network (EBSN) of which NVL is a member.

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The EBSN is interested in information about other European initiatives using MOOC-approaches for the training of teachers of basic skills for adults. If you have information about such courses, or about examples of excellence relating to potential building blocks for such courses (videos, articles...), please write the link and a short explanation as a comment here! Thank you in advance!
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