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Mobile Learning to improve the teaching process in Albania, studies and applications.

The use of mobile devices has sensibly grown in the past few years. These devices are becoming more and more an inextricable part of out daily lives. Accompaining us in every place and every moment and offering increasingly complex and advanced functionality they have revolutionized the way we perceive and perform our everyday activities. The growing tendency towards their adoption is a cear intication of the effectiveness and versatility of mobile devices in supporting these activities.

Inspired my this fact, this work aims to study the options and potential of the use of these devices in support of the learning process as well as assess the effectiveness of using specific mobile learning applications in the Albanian context to better understand the potential of further, large scale implementation.

Using mobile devices will offer a considerable support towards the learning proces to both students and teachers alike. Specifically some key characteristics of these devices, such as mobility, individual access at any time and place, flexibility of use or internet access create very favorable conditions that support the fundamental aspects of our best theories on effective learning processes. Such devices can vastly improve the student- teacher communication as well as that among students, distribution and access of learning material, control and supervision of all students' work at the same time and/or individually and support group activities as well.

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Xheni Melo
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Studies and Reports
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